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Fraud Check and scam using Geek Squad Name.

Phone scam claims to be Geek Squad/Microsoft Office support.  $299 will be debited but call # if you want to stop it.  My mother fell for this, wired a very large amount of money & received this copy of the 5 figure check in her name that was supposedly deposited in her account instead.  BEWARE of Fake Geek Squad and check please!   How do I attach image of check here?

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Re: Fraud Check and scam using Geek Squad Name.

Assuming the check was mailed you would want to report this to both the FCC and the post office.
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Re: Fraud Check and scam using Geek Squad Name.

Make that the FTC and Post Office. This is a variation of a well-known scam carried out in many different business names. Unfortunately for the businesses whose names are used, there is very little that can be done from our side. The only way to prevent it is to make yourself as savvy on these scams as possible. The FTC website has tons of information on this and other scams.

Also, you would not want to post an image of the check here, it would be removed.
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