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Fraud Charge


I recently got notified from my bank that my card was used at one of your stores. I contacted the bank and went through their fraud department (the card is NOT a best buy affiliated card, just a normal bank card). I am just wondering if the bank and the best buy stores like communicate and if the best buy store will work with the local police to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else. Or should I contact the police and they will work with the best buy store?


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Re: Fraud Charge

Hi @JacksonRR 


Was your card lost or stolen? I'm sure Best Buy will cooperate with police if they have to. 

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Re: Fraud Charge

Oh good question, it was stolen and used. However it was canceled when I got the notification. I just don't know if they contact the police or I contact them. Or if it would even do anything

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Re: Fraud Charge

Oh man, I've totally been there.  The fraud prevention on my card regularly flags stuff that I cannot fathom the reason for it yet they allowed a shopping spree on my card 700 miles away at multiple retailers before shutting it down.  Luckily for those of us affected, fraud protections are getting better about making the victims whole again with very little effort on our parts. 


You may find the information here helpful:


If your Best Buy account was not compromised, just your card was used, you can disregard that part.  As for the other steps, notifiying the bank is always step 1.  Step 2 would be your local law enforcement.  Lastly, it is sometimes helpful to notify Best Buy or the law enforcement can reach out to us as well.  Best Buy does work with them on any details that you need.


Fraud, via online or in person means, is at an all-time high.  It has seen a jump recently during the pandemic, I guess because the scammers are having more problems paying their bills?  It's frustrating, I know.  To be honest, how much effort your local law enforcement will put into it is 100% on them.  I have heard stories of larger, overburdened police departments closing the report before the person who gave an in-person report could get home.  I have personally assisted a city Police Department near me who goes to every length to try and solve the crime.  To be honest, they are probably one of the best funded due to the tax rate and wealth in their city.  My personal thought is definitely report it, even if nothing comes of it.  Again, if they reach out Best Buy will cooperate with their investigation.  Through this process I have seen a whole team of thieves get shut down and put in jail.  That feels good when it actually happens.  

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