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Formal complaint

In june of 2019 my wife called geek squad to cancel her plan. I just noticed that geeksquad was double charging me for protection plans. I looked at my bank account and realized they had been doing it since july. I called them and their way of scaming me is to say because they couldn't charge my wife card anymore, they just decided to send an email to me to just update my account info (thinking it just for my plan), not notifying me that it was for her protection plan.
I called customers service, they are only willing to refund last 2 scams but not the rest of it because they are unsure if her plan was ever canceled. I say their just scam artist because how does she go from paying from her account, and canceling it in june to them switching it to my account by july, now saying she never canceled it... corporate scaming at its finest... thanks!!! #bestscambuy