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Formal Complaint

I ordered a treadmill via online on Nov 4 (on sale, pre Black Friday, pre first-of-year resolutions) to be delivered & installed Nov 30. Got a message it was rescheduled to Dec 7. I took the day off work, item was delivered & installed. Unfortunately it was damaged & did not work. I called customer support. They did an exchange over the phone, verified item was in stock but would not be delivered & installed until Jan 21. Although I was not happy about this I was patient & waited for Jan 21st. (Took another day off work)12-8pm. I received a call at 8am asking if they could pick up damaged treadmill & would return between 2-5 to deliver the replacement. They showed an hour later & took the damaged treadmill & assured me they would be back. Several hours later they called & said when they arrived @ Best Buy to pick up replacement treadmill it was not there. He was told due to weather, Tuesday delivery was not made but he was waiting for them to call him when it arrived & he would return to install. I never heard back from him so I called customer support to see when I would receive the treadmill. Customer support, Julian told me I was not scheduled for delivery until March. I explained what had happened & that it was scheduled for Jan 21st. I have messages to prove it. He said that was an error. I asked him to explain how that could be an error since on Dec 7 the item was available, I had received confirmation text message from Best Buy that my appointment was January 21st. He said the treadmill was not a available until March. I again asked for an explanation as to how that was possible since it was available on Dec 7 & I am being charged for the item. I am paying for it! He said there was nothing he could do. I asked to speak to his supervisor, he put me on hold. While on hold I went to Best Buy site & my treadmill is showing available & I could pick up at store on Jan 26 or have delivered Jan 31. When he returned he said he spoke to his supervisor & there was nothing they could do. I told him that the website shows it available. He said it was wrong.I said so Best Buy is falsely advertising items on website? It gives me a date & says available. I again asked to speak to supervisor & he said she was on another call. I told him I would wait. He said she would call me back Sunday 1/23. I replied I would wait that I’d like to talk to her today. He said she was not going to talk to me. (Yes, he said that!) I needed to wait till Sunday for her to call me. I asked what her name was & he said it was Angie. I asked what Angie’s last name was & he told me he would not tell me that personal information. I asked for her phone number & he would not provide that either. He said I needed to call the 1-800#. I told him I would wait for Angie & after I waited for about a minute he hung up on me.
So an item purchased on November 4th.... I am paying on... now being told I would not receive until MARCH.
Why have customer service if they won’t help & why won’t supervisor speak with me?
Basically Best Buy screwed up & will not even make an attempt to make it right. I am just supposed to wait 5 mos for my item. Well ...assuming they don’t have another excuse in March.
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Re: Formal Complaint

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Hello, Pp7.


Thank you for reaching out to our forums. Its really disappointing to hear what you've been going through to get your treadmill delivered & installed. I am reaching out to provide some insight, and assistance to your situation. If you don't mind reaching out via private message, we can go in-depth with the order. Please let me know as soon as you can.


Thank you,



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Re: Formal Complaint

Sure. How do I do that? How do I reach you?
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Re: Formal Complaint

@Pp7 wrote:
Sure. How do I do that? How do I reach you?

On a computer click on their private message button in their signature. Otherwise click on their user name and then choose the option to send them a PM

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