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Formal Complaint and Closing My Account

When I bought my computer six months ago, I was under the impression I had 12 months free financing as I had with previous purchases in the past.  I even asked the sales attendant about it and was told yes.  So imagine my surprise when I opened this month's statement and recieved a $37.99 charge for approximately a $50 balance.

When I called their billing number, they said it didn't matter the balance, it accrued from date of the purchase.  I said I didn't know it was only for six months instead of 12 as all my previous purchases had been for 12.   She had no response so I requested my account be closed.  She then told me I wouldn't be able to open another Best Buy account (as if that were a significant consequence).  I told her that's fine and the account was closed.

Just so you know, the threat of being unable to open another Best Buy account is more of a detriment to you than me. I  have a 800+ credit score and can buy anywhere.  Zero interest financing was a big reason in why I chose to purchase from Best Buy but without it, if I'm going to pay cash, I can purchase anywhere.  And with this last transaction and how it was handled, the odds are it won't be from Best Buy.  

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Re: Formal Complaint and Closing My Account

It’s an unfortunate situation when seeing the deferred interest applied to your balance. 12 months no interest is a promotion, and while it may have been going on in the store at the time of your purchase it may have only been on certain items, departments, or a minimum subtotal.

While I know it may not be of much assistance now, the no interest promotion you qualified for at the time of purchase is always listed on your receipt. Also, I’m a big fan of the statements Citibank sends out for the Best Buy Card. It provides each and every purchase promotion, deferred interest totals, as well as the required payoff date to avoid interest fees. It makes it very easy to manage multiple purchases when they each have their own special promotion.
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Re: Formal Complaint and Closing My Account

Hello, DebbieCohorst,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Having deferred interest show up on your card statement is never a good experience.


As jdogg836 noted, the time frame for your promotional financing will be listed on your receipt, as well as on your card statement each month. Do you still have a copy of that original receipt? If not, I'll be happy to see if I can send one over to you. 


If you can send me a private message with your name, email address, and phone number, I can do that. I can also document the poor experience you had with the time frame of your promotional financing being unclear at your time of purchase.



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