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Enough Is Enough


To Whom It May Concern,


Since your customer service complaints link is non-functional, I must assume you really don't care what the public or your customers think. So I'm writing your here, since you obviously adore the liberal Socialist Media. Moreover, since your CEO seems to support DACA invaders of our country over American Citizens, and in light of your disgusting Roseville, California firing of an American Hero Security Guard..... after spending thousands upon thousand of dollars in your stores over the years, know as of now, that I, nor my family or friends, will NEVER, EVER, SET FOOT IN ONE OF YOUR PRO-CRIMINAL, ANTI-LAW ENFORCEMENT, ANTI-AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENTS AGAIN.!! In addition, I will campaign against your brand at every opportunity. You disgust me!


A Former Customer


ps. I know you will not allow this to be posted, as you filter out all negative comments.  Just like your criminal liberal media accomplices, you want to silence free speech, don't you.