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Filing a Complaint/Personal/Sensitive Information Used



How can I reach corporate to file a formal complaint? Please see my interaction with a local Best Buy store below.



This Saturday, 10/6 I went to the Best Buy in Duluth, GA because I needed a new phone as mine just wasn't charging. I go into the phone section and someone finally addressed me to see if I needed help. I asked if they had any specials on the phones as mine just wasn't working properly. The sale associate, there were two a female whose name I do not remember and a male, who told me that if I purchased any of the Samsung Galaxy phones, I would get a free TV. It seemed like a good deal but rather than a TV, I would have preferred any additional discounts. So I just left to think it over. I went to the local AT&T store as well and after thinking it over some more; I decided to go back the Best Buy since the TV offer seemed better than the AT&T store deal. I wanted an unlocked phone because if I purchased an AT&T phone, it would cost more, I didn't want to pay the installment plan nor did I want to pay the activation fee. I went there and want seemed like forever, a Geek Squad member tried to help rather than someone from the phone department. I asked again about the free TV with the phone purchase and he concurred. So I opted to purchase the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 phone since it was the cheaper option and I would get the TV. When the sales associate tried to ring the phone and TV, he tells me that the TV isn’t included in with the phone I was trying to purchase. I was surprised, disappointed and wasn’t sure why everyone was telling me one thing and later to find out another thing. Nobody was very well informed about this promotion. Since I was upset and having to run all over town, I asked if there was anyone I can speak to in regards to this. He tried to get a manager but the manager was with another customer and the associate told me he would be there in a minute. I waited around 20 minutes or more for the manager still feeling frustrated. I didn’t want the TV but the associates told me about the promotion and I thought it would still be a good deal in the end. I never asked for the TV in the first place. As I waited for the Geek Squad (black shirt) manager, he ended up never actually coming over to speak with me rather his told his associate to take $50 off the open box Samsung Galaxy S9 Note (the one I originally wanted) and throw in the TV. All this happened without speaking to me directly or apologizing for the other associates mistake. Then another female manager in a blue shirt comes by and the Geek Squad associate tells her what is going on with the situation in front of me. The first associate in the beginning starts making excuses that he didn’t check the phone and it worked earlier. The manager in blue once again never looks at me directly or apologizes but rather speaks to the Geek Squad associate and excuses herself to him. I didn’t feel appreciated then but really needed a phone so in the end, I purchased the phone and as soon as I got home, I really felt mistreated and took the phone back less than an hour after I purchased it. I felt like the managers just wanted to get rid of me and as “compensation” for their associates mistake offered $50 to take and leave. Once I returned to the store, the customer service associate tried to open the box and told me that I would be charged the $35 restock, open box fee. I was surprised as it had not been an hour and the box was open to begin with.  I just wanted to get out of the store with this bad experience. I was just going to not bring up this situation as there was no point of speaking with the managers who were not help or even apologetic. The bigger issue just happened today when I went into my AT&T online account to see how much their phones were once again. I looked online and saw that there was another added line with a strange area code in my account. I went through chatting and calling AT&T about this issue since the only thing I could think of was when I was at the AT&T store, the associate had my information and perhaps she accidently added this line to my account. However, when I called AT&T’s fraud department, they could see that the purchase was from the Best Buy store for an Iphone X. I never looked at nor did I purchase an Iphone. Where did this come from? I never gave Best Buy my phone number, information or anything. The only thing I told them was I had AT&T and didn’t want to purchase their phone because it was higher. The more I thought about it, I remembered putting in my phone number for my rewards and that is the only time I gave Best Buy my phone number. How was my account used to add a line much less an Iphone X that cost over a $1000 for a $40 something monthly installment plan? I never authorized this nor did I make this purchase. There is no point of going into the store to speak with the manager as they are no help. I would like to get a resolution for this situation and answers. Though this is not technically fraud it is sort of fraud as my information was used for someone else’s purchase. Thankfully I was able to contact AT&T and cancel the line and they told me I was within the 1 day buyer’s remorse period or else I would have to pay for a phone I never purchased or a line I never added and that Best Buy should pay for this if this were to have happened. This has never happened at any of the Best Buy locations I’ve been to and I am beyond upset and frustrated that this happened. I never really had good customer service at Best Buy and when I needed someone it was hard to find that was the worst that ever happened to me but this is beyond anything. Please address my issue to someone who can help.

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Re: Filing a Complaint/Personal/Sensitive Information Used

Hello ginak002,


Getting a new phone is very exciting! Thank you for choosing Best Buy for your purchase. We would also like to thank you for your patience as you had waited for our reply. I apologize for the kind of experience you had your local Best Buy in Duluth. This isn’t the kind of experience we’d like our customers to have when shopping with us. I’d be happy to discuss your concerns with you further.


Can please send us a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address? Please also include the customer service pin of your purchase receipt. We’d be happy to review your concerns plus partner with your local Best Buy’s leadership team to investigate this line issue that occurred with AT&T. You’re welcome to send us a private message with those details by choosing the blue “Private Message” button next to my name at the bottom. We look forward to your reply.



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