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File a formal complaint about a recent Geek Squad order

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On 4/23/2019 I sent an email to {removed per forum guidelines} regarding a resent experience and expressed my disatisfaction. As of today I have not received a response to my email. Below is the text body of my email. I also attached support emails but don't know how to attach them here. If you provide an email address I will send you the entire email.


I expected a response as well as an appology for my experience. I would like to speak to someone about this experience.




I’m writing to express my displeasure with my purchase experience with the subject order. On February I purchased a remote car starter and made an appointment for installation the same day. There were no appointments available for almost 6 weeks and the first available was 3/26. While that in itself is not my issue as I understand Geek installations can take some time to get an appointment it was what transpired after my order.


On March 23 I was contacted by Geek Squad agent, Dashaun {removed per forum guidelines}, about rescheduling my installation due to an emergency medical leave of their installer. I unfortunately did not see the email until 3/25 and called to speak with Dashaun on March 25. He indicated he tried to reach me by phone but did not leave a message to call him back. Again I understand things happen which are beyond your control but this issue caused a further delay of my installation. Dashaun was very helpful in trying to reschedule my appointment but the first available was April 16th in West Nyack NY which is 20 miles from my house, again not Dashaun’s fault. Unfortunately, there were no other options so I took the appointment. On April 2 I received an email from Best Buy indicating my order was cancelled and my payment would be credited. I could not understand why my order was cancelled so I called Best Buy Customer Service to find out why. Apparently it was cancelled because I never came in for my original appointment. The appointment was CHANGED by BEST BUY do to an issue with your technician. I was not told by the Geek Squad agent there was anything I needed to do once I reschedule the appointment for West Nyack. To make matters worse the unit I wanted was no longer in stock and the customer service rep said I would have to wait until it comes back in stock to order. At that point I said just refund my money as I’ll look at other vendors for my new car alarm. I also asked to speak to a Manager whose name escapes me. I explained my situation/experience, he was understand, thanked me for the feedback and indicated he would bring this feedback up to avoid this situation in the future. I appreciate he was trying to improve future customer experiences by gathering my feedback. However, he never tried to ease my frustrations associated with this order, which were no fault of my own, with any sort of compensation or discounts on a future purchase to attempt to acknowledge my loyalty and understanding in this matter.


So here I am almost 7 weeks after my original order date and I still don’t have the car alarm installed due to issues beyond my control. So obviously this entire process was very frustrating for me.


I look forward to your response.






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Re: File a formal complaint about a recent Geek Squad order

Purchasing a security system should be fairly simple with our packaged labor prices.  Effectively, the vendors that provide us with their equipment trust Best Buy and the Geek Squad to perform a professional installation which allows us to give our customers a lifetime labor warranty on all of our workmanship.  Although there is only a couple options for a security system (stand alone), we do get very busy around the months of October through March for remote starts and security systems.  Having other audio equipment throughout the days also pushes these appointments out. 


An installer leaving for any reason could certainly be troublesome to find the time at another location because this close by location would have to pick up all the other scheduled appointments also.  I apologize about this happening to you, and I could certainly understand any frustrations that accompanied this experience. 

If you don't mind me asking you what security system you were looking for, I believe this would help out our moderators in finding this unit for you.  We should have this product online to order it for your vehicle.  I'm not sure what the stores around you have in their inventory, but Best should have this in their system which is why I wanted to ask.

I am a CAR Geek Squad Autotech, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
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Re: File a formal complaint about a recent Geek Squad order

Good afternoon, Larry,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.  Regardless of the reason for your installation’s cancellation, discovering your appointment has been cancelled without your prior knowledge is an understandably frustrating experience, and its one I regret to hear you’ve recently gone through. 


While we’ll be unable to offer you compensation for the experience you’ve described, I would like to look into what alternate options we may be able to offer.  As autotech796 has alluded to, if you’re still in the market for a remote starter for your car, feel free to let us know, and we’ll be happy to see what we can do to get it installed as soon as possible.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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