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I'm trying to figure out why Best Buy still uses FedEx as a carrier. It's not fair to the customer who is supposed to have 2-day shipping and it ends up being a 5-day total.  Whenever, UPS is the carrier I rarely ever have an issue. At this rate Best Buy might as well get rid of the Best Buy Elite program if they can't have packages delivered in a timely fashion as  it serves no other purpose. I'm so friggin done because this happenend so many times to me with this Best Buy. I guess I'm either stuck with going to a BB store or Amazon as their delivery methods are way more dependable and if the package is late (WHICH RARELY EVER HAPPENS)  Amazon will take care of its customer for the inconvenience.

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Re: FedEx

This issue is not limited to Fed Ex. Your experience may vary from location to location. I've seen complaints about On Trac and even UPS. And even Amazon and third party courriers have this issue too.

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Re: FedEx

This always happens with my FedEx deliveries. Where I’m at UPS and Amazon are mostly on time. And looking through the forums it does seem like FedEx is a big problem.
One more thing. I had two deliveries when I posted this. One going to Delaware and the other one going to Georgia both with 2 day shipping and they were both a week late.
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Re: FedEx

I’m with hockeycanuckjc on this one, this is a regional issue. All 3 you mentioned seem neck and neck in reliability and time accuracy in my neck of the woods. Mostly accurate, sometimes late.
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