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Faulty Computer Delivery and Ensuing Fiasco

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To whom it may concern, 


I am writing today to try and get any kind of resolution with a situation that has unfolded. I am providing an email I sent to the Best Buy in West Hollywood, California. To be concise, I received a desktop computer that I ordered online from your website, only for it to arrive with a defective graphics card. I sent the graphics card in for repair / replacement with the manufacturer, and emailed the local Best Buy as directed by someone on your Customer Service corporate phone number to achieve some sort of resolution. The graphics card is still not back to me (I know this is beyond Best Buy's control, but I am still without a working product), and my email sent eight days ago to the W. Hollywood location was never replied to. I just followed up today a second time with the text below. As I mention in the email, at this point, I am disheartened and disappointed with how this whole situation has unfolded. It has now almost been two weeks since the computer arrived initially, and I am still yet to receive much of any response from Best Buy's end. Thank you for your time. 


Hello Best Buy W. Hollywood,

This is now my second time sending this email without much of a conclusion. An update from the email sent eight days ago will be provided at the bottom. 
I recently ordered and received a desktop computer, specifically this product. I recently just graduated from film university in North Carolina and moved out here to work in the industry. I needed the product in a time-sensitive manner, as I had gotten my first contact with an editing company interested in hiring me for some work. This was not only important for me financially as my first paid film job, but it was also important in building connections and establishing relationships with these companies. 
To my surprise after I got the machine hooked up, there was an error and it stopped working. Straight out of the box after not even an hour of use, the computer would not work, which ended with me not fulfilling my end of the project with the company I was in contact with, resulting in me not getting paid for the work I could not complete, as well as potentially ruining any opportunities to work with them in the future.
After I realized I could not troubleshoot the machine alone, I called Cybertron's technical support hotline. After being on the phone with them for an hour, they were going to have me open the machine and figure out what went wrong. I had to go out and walk to Target and back from my house to get a screwdriver to do so, and once we got to the faulty piece, I had to go walk straight back and mail the piece off for a replacement.
So, that was the main problem with the product and reception of the machine, as well as my troubleshooting problems.
Today, I called the Best Buy customer service line, after waiting on hold and talking to multiple individuals after getting hung up on (I don't think it was intentional), one individual I spoke to told me, somewhat condescendingly, the correct thing for me to have done was return it to the store, and that I voided my warranty by opening the machine. I'm wondering how that is even possible, considering the machine came in broken, and I was authorized to remove the part by Cybertron. Taking the machine to the store for repair as I ordered the product from, not to mention it is a 50lb computer, seemed like a bad idea, not to mention I would not have been able to carry it through the streets of Los Angeles, especially given the value of the machine. 
I am very displeased with being shipped a faulty computer, but I am more disappointed that it ruined an opportunity for me to jumpstart my career. So far, nothing has been done to rectify what happened with this product, and I'm still unsatisfied and without a working computer. I had not shopped with the company in some time, but decided to give another shot, however after this fiasco, I don't think I will be shopping with Best Buy unless a resolution is met.
Update: I sent this same information eight days ago with no response. The piece that was sent out for repair has still not arrived back, and it will now have been almost two weeks since I ordered the machine I have been unable to use it. I would sincerely appreciate some sort of follow-up after all this from Best Buy's end. I am honestly disheartened and disappointed by this whole situation. 
Thank you for your time,
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Re: Faulty Computer Delivery and Ensuing Fiasco

Hey Connor,


When this computer broke you should have been able to return or exchange the unit if you were still within your 15 day return or exchange period. It sounds like you instead chose to have the unit repaired, and the manufacturer has ordered the part needed to repair the unit.


Opening the unit shouldn't void the manufacturer's warranty, and this is especially true if the manufacturer is the one advising you to open the desktop. As long as replacing the ordered part is a customer serviceable procedure doing so should not void the computer's warranty.


Let me know when you receive this part. What do you specifically need me to get done for you?



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