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False/Misleading Advertisement at Best Buy Mobile (Le Centre Eaton, Montréal, Canada)

Good evening,


I am writing to share a complaint. I could not find any form nor email address to file a direct complaint with Best Buy Canada so I am sharing it here. Thank you for re-directing me to another service if there is one that can best handle my request.


I purchased a GeekSquad "Total" Protection on June 5th, 2017 at the same time as a Google Pixel phone to replace my old phone. My previous phone (a Nexus 6P) was defective and was covered by a GeekSquad protection. I was able to obtain a replacement and the whole process went very smoothly.


Upon purchase of my new phone, I was asked if I was told that I should cancel my previous GeekSquad plan and purchase a new one. I asked the salesperson if the new protection was the same as the previous one and he said that, apart from a few dollars' increase in price, it was the same.


I called GeekSquad to file a replacement claim for my Google Pixel tonight only to find out that in order to get the phone replaced, I would have to pay an extra $200 for service fees.


This series of events falls under the Province of Québec Consumer Protection Act.


  1. The salesperson representing Best Buy, by insiting that the new plan was exactly the same as the previous one and omitting to mention the newly added service fees practiced false/misleading representation (Sec. 219)
  2. Despite the fact that the manufacturer's warranty is expired, my Google Pixel is still covered by a legal warranty that stipulates that the good must be durable in normal use for a reasonable length of time (Sec. 38)
    1. One would argue that 16 months does not meet that definition.

I would be satisfied if Best Buy Canada obtained from its partner Geek Squad that the service fees be lifted on my claim or decided to replace my phone direclty. I am very confident, based on highly positive experiences with Best Buy in the past, that this issue could be solved amicably.


I look forward to hearing back from you and invite you to contact me for further details or if you have any questions.





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Re: False/Misleading Advertisement at Best Buy Mobile (Le Centre Eaton, Montréal, Canada)

Unfortunately Mathieu, these forums are for US based Best Buys and are not associated with Canadian Best Buy. www.BestBuy.Ca under Contact Us had a email form I believe (it's been a while since I have been there), but that site would be your best bet.