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Dear Best Buy Supporting Team


 After long time coming back to my home country- Vietnam, i am still thinking about my money that was still owe by Best Buy company. 


 I bought something in US in 2017 while i was studying a short course there in Memphis, Tennesse. At that time i was not happy with Store product and then i returned the laptop that i bought to the store but then later they keep sending me the wrong check like wrong money, wrong name so i could not get the money from the bank. 


 when the course finished, i had to go back my home country- Vietnam so i could not just flight back to US to get a check or able to get my money back. so i am writting this message to remind and hope for the little help from Best Buy 


 I really want to find a way to take them back but not sure what is the best solution for this one and down here are the information of the final check that Best Buy sent to me.  


 The check number that you guys sent to me: 81545518

 the amount on the check issued:  1,420.24 USD

 Name: Dinh Do Phuc. 

 Issue date: 08/23/2017


 Therefore I am writting this to you again today to ask if there is any possible way that i could get the money back so i come up with some solutions like this which could led me use that money which owe by Best Buy company.  


 1. Is that possible if Best Buy issue a gift cards that i could use them to buy Best Buy products online? Because My friends are in USA so they could bring the goods back to Vietnam for me if this way is possible. 


 2. If the first one is not possible then if i sent the link of product that i want to buy within the money Best Buy owe and they help to ship the product to my friend house so they could bring back Vietnam for me.  


 Thank you very much for reading my email and  i hope that you could talk with Best Buy bosses to find a best way to support me because i am so desperate here in Vietnam about this issue. 


 Thanks and best regard,