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FANTASTIC Preorder Experience with Samsung Note 20 Ultra 512

Hi all - Just want to share my awesome experience with preordering my Note 20 Ultra!  Best Buy has been absolutely AMAZING - I was able to get in and preorder my phone several weeks early, and while I was promised my phone on release day, I don't have any idea of when it will actually be available.  No one can tell me anything new, and I keep getting different information after sitting on hold via phone or in chat for extended periods of time!


But no worries - apparently Best Buy has TONS of experience with letting people preorder phones with promised delivery dates, and then fulfilling them some time in the future.  I know there may be others who are worried, but have no fear, here are some recent examples:


I know that no one wants to cancel a preorder because now you will lose the $150 credit you are entitled to, so we are all locked in with Best Buy, but they will eventually deliver our phones in the next 4-6 weeks!!!   


Just wanted to be helpful to my community here and share some of what I've learned about the buying experience.  And don't worry about someone bothering you  from Best Buy to try and resolve this issue - they definitely will respect your personal space and not try to proactively help at all!