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On 7/3/18 I was in your Nashua, NH store looking for external storage, which I could back up on the cloud because I was traveling to Europe in the morning and wanted to protect the data I was going to be loading onto the drive. Your salespeople sold me on a WD Hard Drive with free cloud storage. I even took a picture of the banner you had up advertising the free storage.


When I got home, I called WD to explain to me how to load the contents on the drive onto the cloud. They told me that they didn't offer free cloud storage anymore and that Bestbuy knew this and should not be advertising it any longer, or have their salespeople pushing the drives to customers with the lure of free storage!

I was leaving for Europe the next day and could not run back to your Nashua, NH store. I tried taking care of this matter while I was in Europe but had a very frustrating experience and had to address it again when I returned back to the States.


When I got back, I had addressed this situation to the supervisor Jarold in the Salem, NH store. He politely told me he couldn't do nothing about it and that I had to call corporate. I tried calling corporate numerous times and was talking to foreign people with thick accents that transferred me around and gave me the run around! Nobody helped me properly! I went back to the Salem, NH store to tell Jarold that I had no luck trying to contact corporate. He was not there and I spoke with another supervisor by the name Xavier. Xavier didn't care at all about this situation and told me that he also did not have access to anyone in corporate! He left me with no direction on what to do next.


I went to the Nashua, NH store last night and spoke to supervisor on Jamie. Not only did Jamie refuse to help me, but he was extremely rude and unprofessional! He spoke down to me and had the worst mannerism of all the people that I've spoken to up to this point. He should have been more understanding on what I've been put through in trying to resolve the fact that I was misled into buying a drive with cloud storage and did not receive what I purchased, what I was sold on by your salespeople, what was advertised, and the frustration that I've endured! But rather than be understanding of what a customer is telling him, he treated a serious sales deception as if it didn't matter to him and pushed me off on a salesperson on the floor to get me out of his hands! He told me that this salesperson would give me my "options." I had asked him what could the salesperson know that he didn't know? When I questioned this, he disrespected me and raised his tone of voice to me like he was talking to someone of lesser intellect! He snapped at me and asked "You expect me to know everything my salespeople know?"
He had me wait 10 minutes to talk to his salesperson. His salesperson "Mike" had no clue what to tell me! Is this how Bestbuy wants their supervisors to act? Is this how they are trained? To push off serious problems such as false advertising on their staff?? You do not push off your responsibilities as a supervisor onto the people that your supervise, knowing that they are not capable of handling the situation!


I'd like Bestbuy to take this issue seriously because false advertising is against the law according to the Federal Trade Commission and the Lanham Act!
I have proof of your false advertising and will carry this out to the furthest extent if this issue continuous to be ignored and treated like its not a serious issue!



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Hello, FalseAdvertisin –


Purchasing an external hard drive is an excellent option to keep your documents secure and safe. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to share your shopping experience with us. I’m sorry to hear that some misinformation regarding some of WDs services weren’t correctly communicated to you at the time purchase. I understand how that could certainly be frustrating.


Best Buy strives to provide excellent customer service while still offering unbiased expert advice. I apologize that’s not the kind of experience you had upon giving our support teams a call at (888) 237-8289 or when visiting your local Best Buy. Can you please send us a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and the customer service pin off your purchase receipt? A private message can be sent to us by choosing the blue “Private Message” button next to my name at the bottom. Once we have received those details we can review your concerns in further detail. We look forward to hearing from you.




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I've tried sending you a Private Message 3 times up to now and keep getting this;

"You have reached the limit for number of private messages that you can send for now. Please try again later."

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Hello there, FalseAdvertisin, 


I'm wanting to lend a helping hand while Mariah is away from her desk, and it's to my understanding you're experiencing some technical difficulties when sending your private messages.  I'm sorry about this, but I'm excited to provide you with some troubleshooting steps that could possibly allow you the chance to send the private message you've been attempting.  

Web browsers store temporary copies of the Web pages you visit in what's referred to as the "browser cache" to save processing time and make the browsing experience smoother. Sometimes an old or incomplete copy of a page gets saved to your cache and prevents you from doing what you want to do on the Web. Clearing the Browser Cache will often straighten things out.

When you've attempted this, please exit all browser windows, and reopen it.  Click on the blue private message button to send your message to me that contains you full name, phone number, email address, and the customer service PIN from your purchase receipt.  Hoping to hear back from you soon!

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