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Hello, on 3/2/2019 I purchased a 49’ Samsung TV on line for my new home. I am a woman with limited knowledge on flat screen TV’s so I selected Best Buy as I perceived it a safe bet. I was excited to do so on my own but had my brother n law pick it up from the store and drop it off at my house. It sat in the unopened box until he had time to install, that is when he noticed there were lines on the screen (only in on mode) so he took it back to the store where he was advised that nothing could be done. It is beyond disturbing to think that Best Buy would be okay with selling a defective product to any customer.
When my brother n law called, from the store to inform me I immediately called 888BestBuy and spoke with Marbert who was very understanding and said I should speak with a mngr at the store and it would be taken care of. He also offered a $20 gift card which I declined as I was only trying to exchange the TV. I spoke with Amber/Mngr who said the Geek Squad determined lines were caused by “pressure point” so exchange would not be honored. Amber said Geek Squad sees this “all the time”, I asked if defective TV’s are sold all the time and nothing is done and she said, whatever Geek Squad says is what “we stand by because they are experts”.
I’m sure you can appreciate my concern over this dilemma, I simply purchased a TV from a well known store to avoid scams...I bought a TV, had it for a few days, it isn’t working and now I’m out hundreds of dollars. This in no way makes sense. Im sure experts make mistakes, things happen when stocking in store, defective onomolies do occur. Please take a moment to consider what has occurred and advise if there is anything you can do to assist me. Thank you!
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Re: Exchange

In most instances of things like this it would come down to the store manager to make the call on the exchange. I work at a Best Buy store in Indiana and I feel like their biggest concern is that they cannot verify what has happened to the TV during that time from 3/2/19 to now(or whenever you went in). The next thing I always hear is to try to contact 888bestbuy and that may help in an exchange, but at this point it may be easier to reach out to Samsung because with the manufacturer you may be able to get an RA number(I think that means return authorization) which will allow the store to process the exchange.

I must note on here too that I do not work in a official capacity for the support forums and you may need to wait for them to respond. Hopefully this helps!
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Re: Exchange

Hello, ndg4m, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Forums for support, and for choosing Best Buy for your recent TV purchase. I can imagine your disappointment to find your Samsung TV to be damaged when opening the box. I apologize that you haven't been able to enjoy your new purchase, and for the experience you've had in searching for an exchange of this item. 


As JacobRepollet mentioned, an exchange of this item (which would now be out of its return and exchange period) would have to be determined and handled by the sore manager. While I understand you spoke with Amber, one of the managers, I'd be happy to see what else can be done and work with the store further on a possible solution moving forward.


In order to look into this, I'll need you to please send me a Private Message including your full name, email, phone number, and the location of the store you've been working with. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name, below.


Happy to help,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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