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Exchange without receipt

Hi, I have received a Google Nest Mini 2nd generation as a gift 3 weeks ago. However, since I don't own any products by Google and have products by Amazon such as Echo Show 5, I would like to exchange this Google Mini for an Echo Show 5. It is in sealed packaging and unopened.

I have read on this forum that it is possible although it is really up to the manager on duty.

I made a visit to a local store and I was told that no exchange or return can be processed without a receipt.

Is it really impossible to make an exchange?
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Re: Exchange without receipt

I know some items require the receipt, especially items with serial numbers, but I am not sure if that is the case with a Google Mini.  With that said, the local store makes the determination and it does seem they were not willing or able to make an exception in your case.  Strictly speaking, according to the return policy not only are receipts required but the return is required to be made within 15 days (30 for Elite and 45 for Elite Plus members).  

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