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Exchange of my computer

My husband recently bought me a new laptop from best buy. Unfortunately it wasn't the correct one and as I was on vacation when I got back the receipt had expired by a few days. I have called coorporate and email stores all day and feel like I am getting absolutely nowhere. I do not want my money back on this item, I just want to exchange it for another computer that exactly what was paid for the laptop I received. This computer was a gift for school and it cost a lot of money but I feel like no one is willing to help me out with this situation at Best Buy.

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Re: Exchange of my computer

Unfortunaltly to you are beyond the accepted return period for the computer. 


You may be able to use the trade in program to get some money for it but it would not be what you paid for it. 


Unfortunatly at this time they would not be be able to give you fulll credit for the computer to use towards the purchas of a different one becuase they would have to sell it as an open box at this point. 

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