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Exchange Not Allowed At Store, Received Defective Item

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Yesterday (4/23/20 - order #{removed per forum guidelines} I purchased a new Sony Handycam AX53 for in-store pickup, on my car ride home I noticed the box the camcorder I received wasn't sealed in any way so I looked inside and not only is the camcorder not new, it's missing a battery charger, the lens stability looks messed up and there's a crack on the frame of the camcorder itself.  I paid $1,000+ for this camcorder so I wasn't pleased to say the least.  I immediately went back to the store and the manager Arielle told me that they couldn't do the exchange because there's no way of knowing whether I dropped the camcorder and that it couldn't have been damaged on your end, so they couldn't accept it.  It's outrageous to have a policy that assumes anyone buying from your store is trying to rip you off when needing to exchange something that's defective.  I don't care how this camcorder was damaged whether it was returned or damaged on the palet it came on but the defects and missing items were not my doing, this is how I received it.  I was back at the store within an hour of purchasing it, and if I dropped it why would I then remove the plastic on the included cables and also ditch the battery charger?  This is how I was treated and this is beyond frustrating.  From being a consumer who's worked in customer support before, I have never had a worse customer experience like this in my life.  Never.  I've never had to write an email like this.  
I was told to call the corporate number, they advised me to try exchanging it at your North Ave. location.  Their manager Julio helped me out, he said it isn't right what just happened and that I need to have it exchanged at the original store but to again call corporate because they would arrange the exchange ahead of me going back to your store.  The agent I spoke with, Elijah (case number {removed per forum guidelines}) tried calling the store but couldn't get anyone to answer the phone so he said to go their and that I "definitely won't have a problem getting the camcorder exchanged" so I went back and again was told by the manager I couldn't exchange it once again and that she needed to "wait to hear from corporate"?  So I left ONCE AGAIN still left with this broken camcorder.
I called corporate this morning and the agent told me she'd try and arrange the exchange for me and tried calling the store but again, NO ANSWER!  So she said to go in around 11:30 this morning and if there's trouble that I need to be connected with the district or regional manager and to call the corporate number while I'm at the store so they can explain to you how to exchange this camcorder for me.  I called the store this morning and spoke with a manager who said she was going to call the corporate office and call me back.  I still haven't heard back.  She also mentioned to me that they couldn't do the exchange due to a system issue of some kind preventing the exchange which now is a much different reason than before of why I couldn't exchange the camcorder.   
I need this Camcorder for an event this weekend and need to take care of this exchange today.  The corporate representative I spoke with advised against mailing the camcorder and said I can exchange this at the store.
I need to hear back asap, this isn't my fault and you need to do the right thing here and fix this asap. 
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Re: Exchange Not Allowed At Store, Received Defective Item

Hello, jloehrkedrums, 


Thank you for reaching out to us through the Forums. As you can tell, we are a little backed up on inquiries, and I apologize for this delayed response. Regardless, we want to make sure you receive the support you've been searching for with your camcorder even though I understand you needed this exchange performed as soon as possible.


I hate to read about the runaround you were given after discovering the issues with the Sony Handycam you picked up. If you're still looking for assistance with this, please send me a Private Message including your full name, email, phone number, order number, and any updates to this situation as of now.


Happy to help,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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