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Exception not being honored!!!! Help me Best Buy!!!!

On Saturday evening, 10/12/19, I purchased an open-box camera off the Best Buy website. One hour later, I recieved a cancellation email stating that the product was no longer available. I assumed that meant that someone else had purchased the item quicker than I did.

I went back to the website and saw that the open box camera was again available, so I figured another camera was available and I ordered it again only to receive another cancellation email an hour later.

I went back to the website a third time and saw the camera was available again. Being that this was a really good deal and I didn't want to lose out, I gave it one more shot and ordered the camera again. Again, I recieved the email stating the order was cancelled and the item was no longer available.

The following day, I contacted customer service and explained what had happened. The agent was able to pull up my three canceled orders but unable to explain why the order kept getting cancelled. The agent did however confirm that there were no more open-box cameras in stock.

To compensate me for my hassels and disappointment, the agent spoke with her manager and offered me an exception, agreeing to send the same camera in brand new condition for the open- box price. I provided my my credit card information and authorized the transaction, however the agent told me the card had been declined. At the same time, I received a phone call from US Bank advising that my card had been frozen due to suspicious activity.

The agent was very understanding and asked that I contact my bank to un-freeze the account. The agent provided me with a reference number and ended our conversation.

I contacted US Bank and learned that my card had been frozen due to the three identical transactions that had been cancelled the night prior and the fourth identical transaction attempt on this day. US Bank un-froze the account.

I re-contacted Best Buy Customer Service and spoke with an agent who reviewed the notes from the previous agent and quickly authorized the exception. While processing the transaction, the

agent warned me that since the product was over $500, I would need to sign for the package upon delivery. Knowing that I would be at work during delivery, I asked the agent to send the package to a family member's residence that I knew would be home and able to sign for the delivery. The agent was very helpful and coordinated the delivery. Understanding that I had troubles with the previous transaction, the agent stayed on the phone longer than normal to insure the transaction went through and was successful. The agent advised that the order went through and I could expect my camera on the coming Tuesday.

I was very pleased at this point and felt that Best Buy Customer Service had nailed it. They understood there was a glitch on their computer system which caused quite a bit of grief for me and quickly offered me an exception for my troubles.

On Tuesday morning, I checked my email to get my tracking number and learned that my order had once again been canceled. This time, the email stated that "we were unable to verify your information" which was different than the other cancellation emails that stated the product was no longer available.

I contacted Best Buy Customer Service and spent the next two hours on the phone with an agent and two supervisors. I was told several different ways that they would not honor the exception, but couldn't explain why and even admitted that it might not make much sense. It wasn't until I spoke with the second supervisor that I was told my case would be sent to an "investigator" who would look into why my last transaction didn't go through. The agent said that if an error was made on their end, they would honor the exception. If the problem was on my end with my bank or otherwise, the exception would not be honored.

The agent told me the investigation could take up to ten days and I would be contacted by email with the results.
After having some time to think about what the problem might be, I suspected that the shipping address to my family member's residence was also entered as my billing information on my credit card in error, thus the email advising that my information was unable to be verified.


On Wednesday evening, I contacted Best Buy Customer Service to potentially offer an explanation as to why my information couldn't be verified. I was quickly transferred to a supervisor who identified himself as Brian G.

I explained the situation to Brian, starting from the beginning on Saturday evening up until now. Brian offered no solution, much less his thoughts, recommendations, or advice. Brian simply stated that he understood the situation and although he had the ability to, refused to honor the previously made exception.

I asked Brian if he could review the notes from the day prior regarding the investigation and provide any updates if there were any. Brian told me he had no record of my conversation the day prior, no reference number, and nothing in my account regarding an investigation.

By this time, Brian's responses had become so short that it was blatantly obvious that Brian had no intention of providing me with any sort of customer service or resolution. It became even more obvious that Brian had lost all interest when I could hear the crackling of what sounding like a chip bag in the background and the sound of Brian chewing on his food. Don't believe me Best Buy? Listen to the recording......

Furthermore, Brian told me that he wouldn't provide me with names of the previous agents I had spoken with. The conversation was ended with no resolution and a lot of disappointment.

I have come to this Support page in request of a resolution.

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Re: Exception not being honored!!!! Help me Best Buy!!!!

Welcome to our forums, Mark,


Having an order cancel multiple times can certainly be frustrating, and it’s disappointing to hear your frustration with this matter has been compounded after your contacts with our phone support teams.  It sounds like there may be some confusion regarding what has been previously offered, and I’d like to look into the matter further, to offer any additional assistance I can.


For me to review your interactions with us further, I’ll ask that you send me a private message with the following information:


  • Your first and last name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address


While I can’t guarantee a particular outcome at this time, this should be enough information for me to begin my research.  To send me this information privately, be sure to use the blue “Private Message” button in my signature.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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