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Went in looking for a new router, to my knowledge employees do not work off commission. I was expecting to pay around $85. I was suggested a new router and a separate modem to ensure the best . I purchased both for about $300. Because I did not set up these devices within the exchange time , I am unable to return the modem that isn’t compatible with phone, THAT YOUR EMPLOYEE SOlLD ME!!! My fault for trusting he knew what he was talking about. This wasn’t an outfit at a clothing store I picked out and then decided I didn’t like it, I went in asked what I needed and purchased what he ensured me to b the best, and it doesn’t work and no exchange possible . There should’ve been an exception due to YOUR employee misguiding me.
I wasn’t asking for a refund.. simply to get credit going to the one I needed. I did buy the one I needed. I’ll take the loss, but it will be my last purchase with Best Buy. Such an easy fix to keep a customer happy , and major fail on Best Buy’s end .
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Re: Employee

Hello Jnc921,


Welcome to our community.  Like you, when I visit a retailer and ask for recommendations on a particular item, I expect to be given knowledgeable advice from a trusted resource.  I was unhappy to hear that your modem doesn’t seem to be working with your equipment as expected, and that you’re now outside of your return period.


Best Buy is proud to offer customers the opportunity to return or exchange products that don’t work as expected or meet their needs.  Our Return & Exchange Promise for most products is 15 days, while My Best Buy™ Elite and Elite Plus members have extended time frames.  With apologies, after your return period has ended, Best Buy cannot offer a return or exchange.


I apologize that we do not have another option to offer and regret that this encounter has made you question your future with Best Buy.  I hope you will give us another chance in the future to offer the level of service to which we aspire.


Thank you for writing to us.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Employee

Are we sure that there is truly a compatibility issue with the modem, or router even? The modem just turns the signal from your Internet Service Provider into a data signal. The router takes that and manages all the devices in your home. If there was a compatibility issue, I would assume it’s with the router. Even then, that’s rare since the latest AC routers are backwards compatible with older devices that use slower wireless protocols.

What exactly is it doing/not doing?
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