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Easy Replenish Setup

I just purchased a Canon ImageClass MF632Cdw printer and I am trying to get is setup on the Easy Replenish. I have found it very hard to get setup. I have been through all the links and information on the Manage Easy Replenish website. There is no place to add or manage my printer or anything on my account. All I see is the informaiton about the service. I have done all the steps that are required on the printer its self. I have called Canon and Best Buy several times. I even went to the store and they said that I hvae to bring the printer in and they will return it and I have to purchase it again. That is a lot to do to sign up for a service. There should be a way to add the printer to my account for this Easy Replenish service and I should be able to manage it from my Best Buy account. I am not sure what I need to do to get my printer registered for this service.Best Buy needs to come up with a better website or an easy way to get this service setup. 

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Re: Easy Replenish Setup

Hey Viper0580 and Forum Community, 


We have a great Knowledge Base here on the Best Buy Forums and one in particular that I believe will really help solve the troubles you are experiencing. I recommend visiting us here, and following up with us on this thread if you have any remaining questions. 


All the best, 


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Re: Easy Replenish Setup

I have done that and I have been through everything that I can click on. I have been through the Best Buy Canon activation page and everything. There is no option on the Besy Buy Easy Replenish website to add my printer. Best Buy is a technology company and it should not be this hard to sign up for a service that Best Buy offers. I have called Canon, I have been to the Best Buy store and I have called Best Buy customer service. Every time I call Best Buy customer service they are confussed and I get to play phone tag. They transfer me to someone who does not know anything about the service and then they transfer me to a different person and after a few minutes they transfer me to someone else. Customer service employees should have more knowledge of the services that Best Buy offers. I have also been to the store where I purchased the printer and they said that I have to return the printer back to the store and they will issue a refund and then I have to purchase the printer again. That seems to cumbersome to have to lug a big printer back to the store just to issue a refund and to pruchase it again just to add the Easy Replenish service. I have called Canon and they said that I have to contact Best Buy for support on this. Canon's ink/toner replenish site you have to add that feature at the time you purchase the printer. You can not add that service afterwords. Which does not seem right. Best Buy needs to re-think the Easy Replenish service to make it easy to set up and manage. 

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Re: Easy Replenish Setup

Hello, Viper0580,


Welcome back to the forums.


Upon review, I believe that the store’s initial suggestion of a return and re-purchase of the printer under our Return & Exchange Promise is the best bet for getting Easy Replenish working. You should sign up for Easy Replenish at the time of purchase, and if there was an issue with that, it may not be possible to get it working correctly.


I appreciate your feedback about the difficulty in getting support for this program. We rely on customers like you to let us know when our programs aren’t working as well as they could be.


If you have any other questions, please let me know. I’ll be out of the office for the next couple days, but I can get back to you on Sunday.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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