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E-store credit

I was issued an e-store credit for a washing machine that could not be repaired. I waited 6 months to use the credit (I had already purchased a new washer and couldn't apply the credit there). So, I tried to use the store credit (convert it to an e gift card) and that wouldn't work. I spent hours on chat and had chatted with 7 different reps. None of them could help me. The last one gave me a case number and a phone number. FF a week and I've called 3 times, been disconnected after holdng for over 30 minutes, asked for 2 call backs, just getting the run around over and over. No one helps. I'm so beyond frustrated. Service has definitely declined in recent times.
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Re: E-store credit

Pretty sure Thier policy still is that you can't use a gift card to buy a gift card which would also apply to store credits.