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Donation to a Classroom

As a leader at you organization, you understand the need for your employees to have the tools and opportunities to advance, as an educator I want the same for my students and I am asking for your help in this process.


Our Media Tech students, are called upon for many different challenges around the school: taking pictures at school event and activates, filming performances, and creating presentations for people on campus.  We are also national recognized with BPA (Business Professionals of America) for the quality of our work.  When people ask us how we able to create such sophisticated work, we explain our process and the most common response is that they cannot believe it was done with such limited resources.


This is where we are asking for your help, we would like your assistance in reaching our goal raising $20,000.  This seems like a large amount of money for students to be asking for but it will be put to several different uses and help all of the students in the Media Tech department.


As the instructor, I want to give my students access to the most current technology so when they leave my class they are industry ready. In order for that to be a possibility, we need new computers, software, and camera.  We would be able to be current and meet the needs of the school and community more effectively.  When we travel to competition, this year we will be going to Dallas and Washington DC, we want them to able to enjoy the city and learn about other parts of the city without feeling embarrassed that they do not have the money to participate.  Experience are an important part of education and many of our students have not had many experience: such as flying on a plane, going to a non-fast food restaurant or visiting a city outside of Houston. 


Your contribution will make all of this possible for our students, you will be helping to change lives and help them to see that there is more to life.

If you have any questions or would like to send a contribution contact me at one of the following methods.


Thank you,

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Re: Donation to a Classroom

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Hello there, Coach_Neal,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community!


Thank you for contacting Best Buy regarding a donation for your organization. It sounds like you are supporting some well-deserved folks and I'm sure they appreciate your efforts.

Best Buy's Community Relations efforts are committed to giving under-served youth hands-on access to the tech education and tools they need to be successful in school and their future careers. We do this through partnerships and community grants. Typically, this kind of donation request is not something we can support; however, you can find more information on our Community Relations programs here


Best Wishes, 

Elle|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Donation to a Classroom

Thank you so much.  We will look into it.