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Does Best Buy send your chat logs from support?

Hi all,


I purchased my wife a Dyson Airwrap around 12/10/21. About 10 days later, the same product went on sale by $130. I thought I would contact chat support to see if they would offer me a price match since it was within 30 days or so. I successfully chatted with someone, whose name I cannot remember, and they told me I qualified for the price match and that they could send me the $130 difference back to my original form of payment. I was never sent a chat log like I usually receive with most other support teams for other companies.


Fast forward to today... The credit is still not on my account with my Best Buy Credit Card. I sent a chat to 3 different reps today asking about the refund of the $130 due to Best Buy placing the item on sale within 2 weeks after I purchased it and none of them were helpful at all. They asked me if I remembered the name of the person that I spoke to WEEKS ago or if I had a case ID. The support team has sent me ZERO transcripts of my chat logs with them and failed to ever give me a case ID or way to reference their chat.


Does Best Buy not send these out after support chats?


I have spent a few thousand dollars at Best Buy over the past few years, which I know is not a lot compared to their gross sales or revenues, but I will not spend another dollar there after being blatantly lied to. I feel that these chat situatinos are a way to hide interactions and have zero accountability for their responses in previous chats. Otherwise, they would email you the chat logs and give case IDs at the end of every chat. Super shady practice by a large company.

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Re: Does Best Buy send your chat logs from support?

No follow up by Best Buy is disheartening.
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Re: Does Best Buy send your chat logs from support?

These forums are not for immediate support. After the holiday, they continue to experience a high volume of social media requests for Customer Service. They are not ignoring your post. They will get to it when they can.

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Re: Does Best Buy send your chat logs from support?

Greetings, bjohns029,


Thanks for joining us here on the Best Buy Forums. Welcome to this community!


I can certainly understand you looking for some assistance here, as I would be doing the same if my price adjustment was not reflected. I’d be happy to take a look into this on my end, so can you please send me a private message with your full name, email, phone number, and purchase information if you’re still in need of support?



Quinton|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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