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Bestbuy to me has always been to a upper retail store. Never had anything bad to say bout best buy until now. Idk what is going on with bestbuy but y'all really need to get it together. This is ridiculous I am so upset right now. So on Jan 2 I ordered an oculus and a washer. The oculus was supposed to been one hour pick up. Well I get the email I get there first my order wasn't ready they said then after driving 3 mins to the store waiting close to 2 hours. After saying my order wasn't ready even tho I have the email saying it. Then they tell they couldn't give me the order when they scan the barcode it showed someone else's name not mine even tho I was on my own app showing them ok whatever I will go home and change it to delivery cause my washer will I. 2 weeks on the 14th. Well my girlfriend decides to get on I talk her into getting a oculus so we can watch movies together and do the VR. Gaming. Well after she placed her order all her items all stated one hour pick up every item. Well she gets the email and we get to the store look only 2 items outta what 6 or 7 was in stock. So that was a misleading information I feel bestbuy is doing to their customers. If I wanted shotty service I would've ordered from wish. And got same treatment but I would have my stuff. Well disappointed we drive back that 30 mins drive. Then we sit there through out the week waiting for her stuff to be ready watching it on saying it was one hour pick up but same product she ordered after 4 days waiting I called then they proceed to agree with what I am saying trying to be on my side but at the same time doing nothing about it. So her items finally come in we go pick hers up I am looking on my account it's stating I picked up my order already the day I came there and left with nothing so I am thinking maybe they did that cause it's being delivered so my sch delivery date and email I received Jan 14 12-8 love the window btw. Well my mom is really really not well I have been spending every chance I have with her we will be luckyy if she makes it through the weekend for real not a joke nor am I just saying this. But I had to be here for those 8 hours waiting ony Oculus and my washer another email lance my driver 2-6 now we'll by 9 I am on chat trying to see what's up they pass me through ppl after ppl still agreeing nothing done. Why do I gotta miss my time I could be with mom talking and helping her through her next journey beside waiting on incompetent ppl. I mean best buy is now lower then Walmart in my eyes after this experience. Now let's see if my oculus comes or not with the washer cause they all was acting like I picked it up already when they wouldn't even give me my own order. So someone please get in touch with me. Ty
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Re: Disappointed

Hello, amaroney55,


Thanks for joining us here on the community forums. Although, I wish it were under better circumstances. I would be happy to investigate your issue and see what I can do. Please private message me with:


Full name

Phone number

Email address

Order number



Aaron G|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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