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Direct TV Billing Dispute -- Best Buy error



I'm writing today because I'm hoping to get in touch with someone at the corporate office that can assist me in an issue I've had since I first signed up for AT&T mobile phone service along with Direct TV service back in October of 2017. Since this time, I've been working with the employees/manager of the cell phone department at the Best Buy location in Brandon, Florida. Zip code: 33511.


To give some back story, I switched from one carrier to another (AT&T) through Best Buy because they had a good promotion: $150 off a certain phone along with a Buy One Get One Free offer if I signed up for Direct TV service. I took advantage of these promotions and this was a deciding factor between me going through Best Buy vs. going through AT&T directly.


The promotion I was given for my Direct TV service was an "All-included" package. This package consists of all equipment, DVR and HD fees. I have the flyer that was given to me by the associate at the time which states this and the price I agreed to pay. Unfortunately, when I got my first Direct TV bill, it was incorrect from what I was told by the Best Buy associate at the time of sale. My bill had $42.00 extra in equipment fees. 


When I went in, it was indicated to me that what I received in the mail for my first bill was incorrect and thus began multiple calls to Direct Tv. On this first day of returning to the store, the associate indicated to me that I was not properly enrolled into the correct package with Direct Tv.  The associate told me that when they called Direct Tv, the call center representative told them that we could not have me switched to the correct package. I left the store this day after I was told that this would be escalated to the appropriate contact the store had with Direct Tv directly.


After going through a few escalations and getting no where, I've also tried calling Direct Tv myself a few times in which I got many, many different reasons of why my bill could not be corrected. Come December, 2017, the manager of the mobile department has told me that an escalation to the corporate office had been made and we should wait for a reply on this. A bit frustrating but completely understandable that we can only do so much from a store level.


I've checked in periodically with the store staff in which there has still been no reply. Checking in this last time, I was advised to first go through Direct Tv again. After I advised that Direct Tv told me I need to get this corrected through Best Buy, the manager then advised me to reach out to Best Buy corporate myself since we have not received a reply to the store.



So here I am, trying to reach out to corporate to get an answer. One Direct Tv associate gave me one month's worth of correct charges, as they've seen all the escalations I've had opened/closed, but unfortunately told me this could still not be resolved permanently. To this day, I'm still seeing an incorrect charge of equipment fees every month that add up to $42.00 extra a month. This has added up to almost $200 dollars so far.


When I signed up for my service I expected a bill of $30.00 a month + the $7.99 insurance through Direct Tv.


Any assistance I could get with this would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your time.

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Re: Direct TV Billing Dispute -- Best Buy error

Greetings, bigt4yah!


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums!


I love saving money where I can, and bundling is usually my favorite way. I’m sorry to learn about this experience during your phone switch/purchase. This is not the experience we want for you, and I’m here to help where I can.


First, I’m going to need some more details from you. Please, private message me your full name, Customer Service PIN, phone number, and e-mail address connected to your account. To do so, just click on the “Private Message” button next to my signature.


Thank you for posting and I look forward to hearing from you!



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