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Did I really have to close my Best Buy Acct because I didn’t want a visa?

First, I cannot Believe how rude the credit card/customer service rep was on the phone.  I called because I received a Visa card in the mail, but I did not want my Best Buy card to convert. He told me that because I missed the deadline to tell Best Buy that I did not want to convert, I now had to close my entire Best Buy account and reapply for a card...of and of course, I may not get the card.  How dare he! I’ve been a Best Buy member for over a decade and an elite plus member for at least the last 3years and all you can tell me is that I have re-apply and I might not get it! Absurd! I think that rep was full of it, so I want to know if I really had to close my account because I didn’t want the visa and missed the deadeline?

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Re: Did I really have to close my Best Buy Acct because I didn’t want a visa?

While it is Best Buy's card, it is handled entirely by Citibank since we switched years back.  Other than the new ability to use the card and earn points on purchases outside of Best Buy, it still has all the same benefits you know and love.  I'm personally looking forward to the switch, I like the idea of earning points on gas, dining, and groceries.  It is true that once converted, the only way back is cancelling and reapplying.  While the Social Media Team here will be able to take your concerns and document them, only Citibank can access and modify your account. 

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Re: Did I really have to close my Best Buy Acct because I didn’t want a visa?

Hello Avatar2,

Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Thanks very much for reaching out about this.

As I understand it, people are occasionally offered an upgrade to the My Best Buy Visa from the My Best Buy store card. If they don’t decline that upgrade, it will go through automatically.

There is no down side to changing the card over to a Visa. You are still eligible for all of the Best Buy deferred interest promotions. The difference is that you can use the card outside of Best Buy to earn points for rewards if you want. You can even earn Elite or Elite Plus status that way.

We would not be able to switch the account back to a store card for you. I apologize that the person you spoke with was rude. We never want something like that to happen. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. 


Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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