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Devoted customer need help finding order delivered to store by mistake


I will try to be as brief as possible.


My local BestBuy store signed for a delivery that went to them instead of to me, and I cannot retrieve the item as it may be lost in-store.


The order consisted of two items for in-store pick up.


One item was picked up on time. The second item was not ready and delayed.


Several hours later I received a notification from BestBuy that the second item could either be sent to my home address or delivered to the store for pickup sometime next week.


I selected the home delivery option. A couple of hours later  I was advised by BestBuy and Fed-Ex that the item was on the way.


This afternoon I received updates from BestBuy and Fed-Ex that the item had been delivered and signed for by a person with a name that I do not want to post here.


In fact, the item was not delivered to my home address and there is nobody by that name at my address.


I contacted BestBuy via chat and the agent suggested I file a claim with Fed-Ex and file a police report with the local police department.


I went to the BestBuy store and asked the team member at the Order Pickup desk about the shipment, but he could not find the order or the item, and did not know who the person is that signed for the item.


Investigation by me at home into the Fed-EX tracking number revealed that the shipment did not go to my address. It actually went to the local BestBuy store. It was in the store when I was at the Order Pickup desk.


It turns out that BestBuy shipped the item to the wrong address, that is, the local BestBuy store and not my home address.


I called the store, but cannot get the call answered as the line defaults to “national”, which is part of the problem. The store is, apparently, “cut off” from contact by phone.


I initiated another chat session, and the results were the same. I was advised that they had no way to contact the store and seek help.


I called the BestBuy customer service line, and after explaining that I did not actually live in the store (they thought the store’s address was my home address) that there was nothing that they could do as they cannot get in touch with the store, either.


 In summation-

  • BestBuy sent the item to the local BestBuy store by mistake.
  • The item was signed for by a BestBuy employee.
  • The item was no longer “in transit” as it had been delivered successfully by Fed-Ex.
  • The item was not at the Order Pickup desk as it had been picked up by a BestBuy staff member at the store.
  • BestBuy’s solution is to file a claim with Fed-Ex for successfully delivering the item to the address that BestBuy provided, which is BestBuy.
  • BestBuy suggests that I file a police report to the effect that the order was stolen by somebody, who turns out to be BestBuy.
  • We know that the item is almost assuredly in the store, but nobody can contact the store to ask them to look for it.

I am asking for somebody at BestBuy corporate headquarters to make contact with the appropriate person at the local BestBuy store and have them find the missing Cover Dark Gray and simply set it aside so that I can pick it up. They do not even have to ship it to me, but if they wish to do that I will be perfectly happy.


If the item cannot be found, I am asking that BestBuy refund the charge for the item. I will call it “no harm, no foul” and be perfectly happy.


It would not be safe to post the necessary info on a public board, but I can provide the details when requested.


Thank you for your help.



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Re: Devoted customer need help finding order delivered to store by mistake

Greetings, RogerSL78,


Welcome to our Best Buy Community Forums.


Thank you for taking time out of your day to share with us your recent experience. This is a concerning situation and I'd be happy to offer any assistance that I can to get this resolved for you. To get started, send a private message that includes the following:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Order number

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. To send a private message, click the button to the right of my signature.




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