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Delayed delivery and awful customer service

On Jan 21, 2022 I placed an online order on website for an insignia massage chair for my husband's birthday in February. I scheduled the delivery for the day be good before his birthday so that it would be an awesome surprise since the chair is too huge to hide. I waited ALL DAY and constantly checked tracking and delivery status that confirmed that my item was being delivered. When it got near time for my husband to come home from work I reached out via online chat. Agent told me that my item was discovered damaged (which I don't understand how they would come to that conclusion being that it's all packaged up) but then he started asking if I'd like to reschedule (as if there were any other choice). I emphasized how I was most upset that no one reached out to me weather it be a text, phone call, or even an email to let me know my package was not going to make it on time! The agent then told me that the system was down. That upset me more....I would prefer the truth over excuses. Then he kept insisting for a reschedule appointment. He did not offer any compensation or sorry for your troubles anything. When I did bring it up he said all he could offer was a $75.00 gift card. To me that was not nearly enough after the amount I had just spent to make my husband's birthday special. Besides the gift not arriving when it was supposed to and in the most upsetting way... I now had to rush out and find any last minute gifts for my husband so that his day is not ruined (which I think it still was). I ended the conversation with chat and called customer support. They then told me that after I received the chair I would be able to call back and ask for a higher amount in compensation. He also gave me a reference number which I assumed would include all the information with my situation. One week later I finally received what I had paid for. I called customer service and they then offered me $20 gift card after I made it extremely clear I wanted more than the $75.00 gift card. They told me they cannot offer anything more than 10% of my purchase and they said it was $20.00 that I would get. I spent $1050.00 and I'm no rocket scientist but even I know $20 is NOT 10%!!! So again I tell the agent I'd like to speak with someone else who will help me in a timely manner. I've spent enough time disputing this issue. She says she has to put in what she called an escalated case. Says someone will get back to me in 24-48hrs. All I got was an email stating "sorry for the inconvenience but there's nothing we can do" I'm BAFFLED to say the least how customer service is definitely not a priority here. My husband loves best buy but I can tell you that I will never spend another penny here. I would rather spend triple elsewhere that honors and respects customers and advertising. If they had simply notified me about the delay as soon as possible it would've been completely different but their lack of care is what infuriates me the most! I do plan to email and write a letter to corporate in hopes that there is one... I read online that nobody seems to know any contact info for corporate. Will be posting everywhere possible to let others know my experience. Posting here in hopes best buy will make it right. All I ask is that they sincerely apologize and reimburse me what I spent last minute to ensure my husband had a decent birthday... Please direct me to someone who can help if anyone on here knows. I would totally appreciate any help to ending this stressful nightmare.
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Re: Delayed delivery and awful customer service

These forums are corporate. The moderators and admins all work in the corporate offices and addresses consumer inquires. They will get to your post as soon as they are able to, but you may see a 1 to 2 day wait for a response. If you have already connected with someone on Twitter or Facebook, they are from Corporate too, and it would be suggested to work with them at this point in order to work on a resolution to your issue. 

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