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Defective product & unhelpful/argumentative representative

Best Buy, 


On Thursday, March 12, 2020, I purchased an Amazon Kindle 3rd Gen. 32 GB, and it arrived within a week. I'd forgotten to purchase the replacement warranty, but on several occasions investigated online, in my account and elsewhere on how to purchase one after the fact with little luck. I'm aware through many purchases at best buy through the years (big purchases are usually best buy for me) that one has as long as one has to return the product to purchase the replacement warranty. Since I wasn't able to find an answer online, I decided I would go into the store, but then, the next day, on March 16, a national disaster was declared, and just like that we are thrust into isolation and social distancing, with nothing being certain. 


In the chaos of the moment, I forgot to get my replacement warranty, but later heard that returns had been extended to May 31 (COVID RESPONSE), which was confirmed on the call I made to Best Buy today. Last week, around Friday, April 17, 2020, my Kindle stopped working. And right as I'd thrown my back out. Thiking it was likely software, I called Amazon, who walked me through several trouble shooting steps, which didn't work. 


They stated they would issue me a new one at no cost, to which I asked, "is it new or refurbished?" The agent said, "it reads new right here," so I agreed to have him ship me one and I send the defective one back to them. I received the "new" one today, and it says refurbished on it, so I decide to call Best Buy. 


20-30 minutes later I speak to a representative at best buy, maybe geek squad, I'm not sure. Regardless, I explain to her all the above, and ask whether I can purchase the replacement warranty and just have mine fixed or have you give me a new one, because I am not interested in a refurbished product.


She confirmed the policy of how long one has to buy the warranty, but said I had to do it online, or go into the store. And I said to her that I have not been able to find the option online since buying the device, and that we're not supposed to go into the store, so could she elevate my matter to a superior. She argued every which way, and I kept asking to please elevate the matter if she couldn't resolve the issue. 


She became angry, at which point I said, thank you, are you going to connect me with a supervisor, or not? I was honestly exhausted over arguing with her. Anyway, she told me NO and then hung up the phone on me. I know these are stressful times, but there has to be a line of basic civility. 


I need help in resolving all of the above. I look forward to a response.


Thank you. 

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Re: Defective product & unhelpful/argumentative representative

Hello there, msierra1,


The pandemic has caused a lot of issues for everyone, and I’m glad to hear that you were able to get an Amazon Kindle to help pass some of the time while we’re all sheltering in place.  Certainly, I’m sure you didn’t expect it to have problems so soon after your purchase, or miss the opportunity to purchase our service plan as well.


Based on the information that you’ve provided, I do have the misfortune of providing some bad news.  Once Amazon made that replacement for you under their manufacturer warranty, we would no longer be able to sell a service plan on it or replace/return it under our Return & Exchange Promise.  This is because this is no longer the same product we originally sold you.  You would need to work with Amazon if you were expecting a new product and were sent a refurbished instead.


I apologize for the misinformation you were provided, and for the rudeness you experienced.  That would not be the level of service we would expect from our agents.




Bill|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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