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Defective MSI GS75 that Best Buy won't replace

I bought a brand new MSI GS75 Stealth from Best Buy in Glendale for $3,148.23 on 9/3/19. It was my second laptop from them within a year because the first Microsoft Surface Book 2 they sold me, on 2/9/19 for $2,911, wasn't powerful enough to handle simple renders in my 1st semester of Graduate school at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. That laptop kept overheating and actually ended up burning me, Best Buy told me to buy a new computer and try to sell the Microsoft one. So that's why I bought the MSI GS75 in September, it was actually great and I loved it but it suddenly crashed during my Midterms on 10/17/19.


Best Buy customer service could not help me that night via phone and sent me into the Glendale story the next day to meet with Geek Squad. The store was going to exchange the laptop for me but then realized I was outside of the 30 day return window. However I had been upgraded to Elite Plus Status when i bought this MSI laptop which has a 45 day window but the store Managers wouldn't waive me being a week outside 30 and decided Geek Squad would take it and run diagnostics. In the meantime the Managers at the store suggested I buy a less powerful MSI, because that was the only one available at that store, and use it in the interim to get me through my midterms while my laptop was going to be fixed. I spent another couple thousand on an MSI that can't handle the rendering I need to do.
Geek squad called me within an hour of leaving on 10/18/19 and told me that they weren't able to run diagnostics without voiding the Manufacturer's warranty and so they were shipping the laptop to MSI. When i finally managed to get someone on the phone with an update, Best Buy told me that the Manufacturer found the machine to be defective and needed to completely replace the motherboard, nothing to do with an external scratch that Geek Squad conveniently found after the laptop was signed over to them for diagnostics. The laptop still had plastic on it and had been locked to my desk at school since the day i received it. I do not appreciate the Manager, Henry, telling me that I must have dropped the laptop, i never saw a scratch on it until after Geek Squad had it in their possession and showed me a small scratch on the side. The only thing i can think of is that when Best Buy initially shipped it to me maybe something happened in route (the store didn't have the laptop i needed in stock and so had to ship it to me).

It's now 10/29/19 I haven't received any helpful updates and have been calling the store for the last week trying to speak with someone who could help me or give me a status update (the notes online aren't helpful and tell me to call a general store number to discuss the issue). Meanwhile, i am falling further and further behind at school and losing time trying to track down my laptop and find a solution. Today I finally got someone on the phone who told me that it could be a month before I get my laptop back, that it's in a service center on the east coast awaiting hardware parts to be fixed. In a month my semester will almost be over and I risk failing out of a top ten architecture school program because Best Buy is running me in circles. I called MSI again today and they still have no record of my serial # or RMA # for my laptop but tell me that Best Buy should credit me or replace the machine with a new one, period. They gave me corporates number but the office is already closed, before calling MSI- Best buy had been transferred to call centers in Georgia and the Philippines where no one could help me and told me to go back to the store where the managers have been unhelpful, rude and honestly I feel threatened by the Manager I spoke with today.


I don't know what else to do, all I want is the same model computer that isn't defective. I don't understand why Best Buy won't just exchange the defective  laptop for a new one. It would literally cost them nothing and it's costing me everything at this point. MSI doesn't know why Best Buy is making me wait. And i really don't know what else to do, MSI suggested that I take this to social media and/or any public outlet I can post to. PLEASE SEND HELP!

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Re: Defective MSI GS75 that Best Buy won't replace

Greetings, cayleesacks.

Thank you for taking the time to join our Community here on the Best Buy Forums. Although, I do sincerely wish it were under better circumstances. As someone who relies on their own computer for both business, and personal, I absolutely understand how detrimental it can be to be without a reliable computer for any amount of time.

I just replied to the Private Message that you had sent to us earlier. I have asked for some personal information in my message so that I can take a closer look at this repair. Please feel free to get back to me at your convenience.

Always happy to help,

Michael|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Defective MSI GS75 that Best Buy won't replace

Baffled at over $3000 for a laptop.