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Debit Card was compromised after I needed NEEDED to swipe it just so you guys could look up an item

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I was at Best Buy last night trying to return a laptop I just purchased a week ago. I bought the 400$ protection plan but the employee kept saying he could not pull up that item after I confirmed 3 different times on the touch screen when he asked me to. I took note because alll the three times they were different variations of my name with emails I don’t use for bestbuy. Him confirming that only of them were active... then I suggest he look up the serial number . He said there’s no way to find it that way. Then he scanned the QR code and stil insisted that didn’t work and I needed to give him my debit card. I didn’t want to after seeing alll this and him being able to pull a more recent purchase I had a little after I bought the laptop. Used the same number same card but he still couldn’t find the laptop. So I said it’s alright after about 20 min of this. Then I jump into a manager and same thing no one came find this laptop and she insisted she needed my debit card. So I finally gave in and they found it but couldn’t get store at first she returned onto my card not tells me til after it’ll take 10 days that’s along time to go without alll that money and she shoulda told me that. So I asked her to reverse that which she did and gave a duplicate receipt. I go on to looking for another pc but was told all the desktops were out of stock. So I leave and go to a Texaco and my card alll of a sudden is declined which I guaranteed I have more than 3500 $ on it I try to go to the atm to double check and I get a receipt saying unauthorized usage ... my card until the last night and the need for them to swipe it just so they could find my laptop. Serial number didn’t work scanning QR code and they said no account I had had that laptop purchase they needed my debit card. now it’s jeopardize d and I’m out 3500 dolllars at least on top of me still having this laptop that is less then 2 weeks old and won’t run right at all . My name is Atimalala {removed per forum guidelines} the card was swiped at your Nimitz Best Buy on Oahu. And I went to the pearl city one and again I was told the same model laptop dell g7 I said I’d switch it for was out of stock and alll the desktops were out of stock as well.

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Re: Debit Card was compromised after I needed NEEDED to swipe it just so you guys could look up an i

I kind of find it odd that you need a debit card to have it swiped and look up an order. I am wondering - Did you attempt to call 1-888-BEST-BUY and resolve this matter first?


The debit card compromising is a different story - Have you contacted your bank and resolve this?

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Re: Debit Card was compromised after I needed NEEDED to swipe it just so you guys could look up a...

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