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Damaged gift card

I received a gift card as a refund which to this day have no idea why because i was in the return window but being I spend money at Best Buy anyways didn't really want to argue the issue.


I have been told by numerous chats on Best Buy and various phone calls to customer service and two different stores (Wilkes-Barre and Muncy PA) that I had to call the Best Buy number.


Basically everyone has been blowing smoke up my you know  what telling me they'll credit it back and send it back within a few days. Been a week since my last attempt.


MY advice to everyone on here is to call your bank that you used your debit card with to get a full refund. Call and tell them all your attempts to get the gift card reissued and they will reverse the charges. Funny thing is i bet then and ONLY then you'll get a response from Best Buy since they don't care about their customers.


I am about to just completely say goodbye to Worst Buy and do my shopping at Amazon since their return policy is WAY much better and WAY more responsive which is ironic since they have ZERO physical locations. MINDBLOWING.


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Sure don't feel like it. You're about to lose a customer for life over a 50 dollar gift card!


Unless you can do something do NOT ask me for my order's on file and noted just about EVERYWHERE on your system. Last chance before the bank gets called and I exercise my Visa protection rights!

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Re: Damaged gift card

Just in case you're not clear this is over a damaged gift card. You are not following your policy of reissuing a damaged gift card. These things are made so cheap that the numbers and barcode wear off without much effort. 


I don't understand if you have the gift card return receipt and see no evidence of this gift card being used why would you tell me to go to the store that issued it and they tell me you need to call the 877 Best buy number???? 


I give this a week then I will call my bank to report fraud on your part!

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Re: Damaged gift card

Hello, @gretschric


We wanted to take a moment to send you over a post we’ve recently made which may answer your question. 


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