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DJI DRONE - Firm Ware Issue.

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To whom this may concern,

 I am informing Best Buy of the issues I have been having with a DJI drone that is sold at your store. DJI is of little to no help in resolving my issue. I am reaching out to you in hopes of resolving my issue and hopefully keep this from happening to other Best Buy customers. Below is what I have sent to DJI corporate. PLEASE READ.
 I am sending this email to inform DJI that there is a serious issue with the MAVIC 2 PRO ZOOM firmware. I purchased a unit back on 12-14-18 and have had nothing but problems with the unit. I have so far exchanged the unit 3 times and still the same issue persists. I sent one unit in for service here in the United States TWICE which each time took 3 weeks and was returned as repaired and no issues found. However when I connect the unit to my phone (GALAXY NOTE 8) and go through the set up I still get the same issue, MISMATCHED FIRMWARE. I returned to the store on 4-26-19 where I purchased the unit and spoke to the manager. I explained the situation and was able to get an exchange. I then set the unit up and received a mismatched firmware issue on a BRAND-NEW DRONE, HOW CAN THAT BE? DJI tech support was of no help in resolving the issue and suggested that I create a service ticket online and send the unit in for repair both times I called. I am not sure what else to do here. Can someone please help me in resolving this issue. I have an expensive drone that I can’t use. DJI promotes this drone as being user friendly and that statement is totally FALSE. I have attached photos to show what I have been doing to resolve the issue but no luck so far. DJI has failed in resolving the issue and am very disappointed. Can some one please help. BEST BUY is the electronics store in Chicago, IL (United States) where I purchased the unit and they have been very helpful in the exchanging of the unit. I will try to exchange the unit again but am very doubtful that it will work. Again, can some please help in resolving this issue with my drone.    Thank You  Mario {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: DJI DRONE - Firm Ware Issue.

Hello, Mario, 


Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to join our Community Forums and let us know about your recent experience with your drone. I can imagine that having to go in and get your drone exchanged multiple times has been rather frustrating. 


My recommendation to you on this would be to pair with DJI for support and to continue working with your local Best Buy store.


All the best,

Faith|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: DJI DRONE - Firm Ware Issue.


I have been working with our local best buy and have been great. I dont know what else to do. Dji isn't fixing the issue. My next course of action will be to try and get a refund. Dji tech support is horrible. I would not recommend this drone to anyone. I know it's not best buy fault.