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Customer service

First I was given a used wine fridge, temp controls do not work and there is red paint on back with cord. It is clearly been used and packaged back up and sold. First called insignia for tech help, was told to unplug and plug back in, that didn’t work to return item to Best Buy. Called the 1800 that took forever to find. Was kindly taken care of by Luisa, she helped with someone coming to pick up because it is too heavy to bring back, I already paid someone to bring downstairs. She said someone would come at a later date, expressed sorrow that we were having a party Jan 1 and needs the wine fridge for specifics and I would now have to cancel, she said not to worry there was one in the area and could do one day shipping. Great so excited. Told family at 3pm 12-31 we could continue with our plans, she transferred me to continue. Was on hold for 30-40 mins, I could hear dogs barking and people eating while on hold. Dena answered said no way to get fridge there by tomorrow, I could not understand her English and asked several times to speak to someone I could understand or could help me. On phone with her very long time she couldn’t do anything, put me on hold came back said I would get a gift card for my troubles and fridge would arrive Jan 10 and Jan 5 someone would pick up. Did I want morning or afternoon. I chose afternoon 12-6, she offered the same shipped day so I wouldn’t have to take off work twice. I said no it was fine. Still could not understand how in 30!mins on hold everything changed. Very upset because I was lied to, dena said I would just have to use my house fridge, it was none of her business but that wasn’t possible I had to keep item at certain temp, she was horrible. Next she transferred me to Sara to help, at this point I am a joke to them, now she says no one is coming on Jan 5 have to send me a shipping label then third party schedules pick up, told her no I had a date. No that’s not possible and the new fridge can’t be shipped because I picked it up. Told Sara about gift card and no one offered that either to me. She said I can transfer you to supervisor because you never asked for one before. I said yes I did as soon as dena spoke I told her I couldn’t understand her and if she couldn’t help find a supervisor that could. Sara said it would be 5 min for supervisor, I waited 40mins. Finally Casey came on repeated what Sara had said that no date could be made for pick up and I wound have to pick up. I told dena, Sara and Casey that if I was told at 3pm nothing could be done I would have been fine with that, it was New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Covid, completely understand but I was told no worries all this would be taken care of then told another lie by someone else, it was unprofessional, disrespectful and I have never been treated so horribly by any company my whole 46 years of life. On phone 3 hours was zero help. I could’ve made a shipping label for return, which I never received and ordered new fridge. At 6pm my family was doing their celebration and was appalled that now we have to cancel, never got email for shipping return label. Zero. This third party customer service did nothing but lie to me three times, on phone for three hours. They couldn’t call warehouses or stores nothing. I posted on several social media sites while enduring this call. So many comments about they do nothing a lie at Best Buy. I spend a ton of money at Best Buy and have for years. Not to mention the money I spend on credit card , which I am canceling and will not buy again. I will continue to tell everyone I met and interact with this treatment by Best Buy. Casey said she would physically send me a gift card but have no received email for label in three days so that is another lie I’m sure. Already have thousand of comments on page. What do I do with used fridge ?
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Re: Customer service

Thier phone support is clueless.

From what I can see Thier policy is you return it how you picked it up. If it was delivered by then they will come get it. If it was shipped you can ship it back. If you picked it up you have to bring it back.
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Re: Customer service

I would have been fine with that but they lied to me three times. Actually none of it was true. They didn’t send me a return label. No gift card. Didn’t schedule a pick up. Didn’t ship. What a joke
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Re: Customer service

Hello, Jewel4life.

Allow us first to thank you for your registration to our Community Forums, and we look forward to your future engagement!  Additionally, we appreciate your patience as we endeavor to respond to customers’ inquiries in a timely manner.

As a person that gets together with friends weekly for wine night, having a functional appliance to store an assortment is rewarding and makes any gathering or special occasion that much more enjoyable. So, I empathize with you regarding your experience with the wine fridge and hope that we can determine a satisfying resolution for you.

Please share with us your full name, phone, and email by way of the blue ‘Private Message’ button located near my signature, so we may verify and access your account for review.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Wesley|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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