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Customer Service

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Today February 6, 2019 the time was 14:28pm.  My handicap husband came into the store to purchase a computer.  We had an emergency with our Great Dane and I didn't want to leave her in the car as it was 79 degrees outside.  So i walked into the store with my Great Dane and was greeted with a young lady who was very friendly, helpful and loved our Great Dane.  I didn't see anything on the windows or doors saying NO DOGS ALLOWED.  I stood at the front and no one seemed upset, maybe a bit shocked as to how big our Dane is.  Then all of the sudden, this female employee asked if my dogs was a service dog? I replied no, but it is 79 degrees outside and if i leave her outside someone will break my window because of the heat.  I explained that we just came from the vets office and we are here to pick up a computer.  She said the dog needs to go, because she has a client that is allergic to dogs.  First off, there was NO ONE around our dog except the nice young lady who pleasantly helped us with the computer.  I tried to get my husband to leave because of the rude way I was asked to leave.  There is no worries, I WILL NEVER step into your store again.  I will take my business elsewhere, and IF by some crazy chance that i am in the store again, i better NOT see another animal in there, cause you bet I will find that manager and refresh her memory on how she treated me when I had my animal in there.  If you don't want animals in the store then put a sign up!!!  I try to be considerate of all people, NOT like your manager was with me.  I didn't plan to stop in when we did, but we was on that side of town, a mistake I will never make again.




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Re: Customer Service

Hello Debra, 


Welcome to the forum, and thank you for taking the time to share your recent experience at our store. I truly wish you had found us under better circumstances. As an absolute dog-lover, Great Danes are definitely one of my favorites, and quite the opposite of my corgi I have at home. I'm truly sorry to hear you had an emergency with your Dane, and hope she is doing well. I understand not wanting to leave her in the car though, for any amount of time at any moderate to high temperature, while you ran some errands while in the area. Aside from the health risks to her, it's always best to avoid the chance of a broken window when you can. 

With having said that, our policy does advise that only service animals are permitted in store. This is a pretty standard policy for most retail establishments. I understand that she may have been out of the way and not causing any trouble, but this does not mean it was outside our policy to have her in store. Nonetheless, we should always be providing customers with a respectful and courteous experience, and I apologize if the manager could have addressed this issue in a more polite manner. 


We greatly appreciate you reaching out to us and hope that in the future you will choose to visit us again. If you should need any further assistance, please let me know. 


Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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