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Customer Service and Repair Failure - Terrible Service

Let me start with what is important.  If something does not go 100% correct, the drama that unfolds and you make a customer endure is obsurd.  So here I am now having to register to log this in hopes of someone actually caring.  The client experience is terrible and your management support is no where to be found except hidden far behind your hourly work staff that puts clients on hold to get continually transferred around because they are not sure how to handle when there is an issue, complaint or a client requests to speak to management.  I work in the customer service industry, I hold a management position, and I also work with offshore 3rd parties, call centers, and direct clients to name a few , however, the lack of your systems speaking to your outsourced parties, deficient support to staff for escalations and overall careless efforts to the customer is beyond comprehension. 


1) I purchased a warranty and have never had to use any until now.  My high end washer only 2 years old needs service. 


2) I call the store, oops sorry, that no longer exits as you are directed to 800 number for assistance.  Since that part is going fine, I had a very pleasant gentleman put in the request for service. HOWEVER, I literally had the original receipt and inforamtion in front of me and it took almost every number on that receipt (you read that right!) to pull up information..... HUH?  Yes, no exaggeration.  I have a Best Buy credit card, NOPE, that doesn't matter.  They wanted the phone number.  Well for some reason the number didn't register (hmm). FINALLY after he advises he has to go through 5 systems on your end, he is able to access my information from the GSP# on the receipt (like I said we plugged in every number refereneced).  Oh and did I mention, you expect the client to know the DATE and Timeframe to pull get an idea as well.  Wow..seriously.


3)  We go through and make sure phone numbers, address and all information is correct.  Mind you my husband has already done this #1 when we set up the best buy card, and #2 after the purchase because YOU still had information showing our past address and old phone number. 


4)  Why I even had to go through all of this again is beyond me, but I degress.  On 5/17 everything was good to go, all matched as expected and service set to be at my house between 12-5 on 5/19.  I received both texts confirming.  Yeah..all good .


5)  I actually received 3 texts that same day from your A&E repair service.  formalities I suppose.  I decide on delivery day AS I SCHEDULED half a vacation day to be home, because the double checker in me wants to make sure we are all set, its still all aligned.   What do I see?????  OMG, A&E 3rd text has my OLD address from 7 years ago and OLD phone number.... ARe you KIDDING ME at this point. 


6)  I call back your 800# customer service only to be asked my phone number, NOPE cant find it.  You still can't take my darn credit card number.. Finally they find me.  Number was wrong AGAIN and they changed it to the correct one I have now updated with you 3 times!!   Ok I degress again.   They proceed to tell me to call the number to A&E.  WHAT.  So now I am calling your outsourced, outsourced party myself.  OK.


7)  I call A&E, its still early in the day and in time to meet my 12-5 delivery. what do they tell me, They received from Best Buy the WRONG address from 7 years ago and both my cell which is correct and an old number as secondary.  I had them get rid of the old secondary number and make sure the correct address was indicated.  All set, received text to show the changes and assured we are good to go, technician is scheduled and has information.


8)  No call no show.  No updated text to ask for delivery change, NOTHING.  So I waited until today since I was expecting BB to send me some survey asking about the service (enter laugh).  So I call your 800# to complain about all the above.  I get put on hold several times, each time someone new.  Now your wasting my time again and no one is helping.  I ask for a manager each time, only to be told by a few, they can enter information but it could be 24-48 hours and I could wait on hold.  Well each time I wait on hold, I get a new rep.  I see how your play this hid and seek game behind the hourly employees in my very first statement.


9)  I decide to go back to the original texts from A&E... what do I see, hold onto your hat here... they moved my delivery date with ZERO update text or call to This saturday without even verifying that is acceptable.  Unfortunealy it is not and I have other critical things to get done.  So I, myself, decline that and have to push it out to the next availalbe, and during my work time Thursday of next week.   I receive a text for that confirming (of course I do).  So I call back A&E because at least you get someone fast and they did transfer me to a supervisor (go figure). 


10)  A&E supervisor tells me the technician indicated I did not aswer the phone it  was unreachable.. WHAT.   Not only is my phone next to me but I took the day off for this!!!   I tell her that and then question, why wouldn't you text  then?  or come to the house since I clearly called you that morning to ensure EVERYTHING was set to go because lord knows you can't trust people now days to get things right (like this entire process!!) 


11) A&E cannot compensate for my lost half day I had to take and now what is additional hours and also setting up this login registration email to send a complaint to you.  That has to be done through the warranty provider.. AKA Best Buy YOU..   I had her reconfirm all the details, and requested a text to reconfirm my appointment for next week which she never resent even though requested.  Now I have another week with an usable product...(claps and cheers). 


12)  If your looking to brush up on your continuous improvement skills and root cause analysis I have provided you with enough detail to support a corrective action and efforts you can take across the board, but I can help you here (a) align your 5 plus systems and offshore/outsourced support systems so they can exchange information because obviously as many times as you have changed my information, its still incorrect therefore I can guarantee here lies a major problem (b) Figure out an esclation process where you don't create unsatisfactory clientelle that will no longer support or buy your products and cutting up their credit cards because if something goes wrong <=100% perfect, your service is terrible (c) keep better metrics and KPI's on your service provider such as A&E.  When questioned about how they communicate an escalation back to you it was advised "internally they will file a report".  When asked about proof of said report, they could not comment.  


Overall I'm looking for an actual committment to ensuring 1) my service will be one time, on the date expected and a phone call AND text will be sent.  It would be nice to have verbal confirmation but that seems far fetched.  2) A form of compensation, yes that is accurate, for monopolizing my time wasted on your poor quality of service and customer support and creating this mess which could have been avoided. 3) An actual call from management personnel, because at this point I do deserve to be heard and what measures will be taken to correct them so other people do not have to go through this. 


I'll cross my fingers looking forward to next week when the service will be completed.



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Re: Customer Service and Repair Failure - Terrible Service

Welcome to our community, Tena_MI,


Thank you for reaching out to us. We sincerely appreciate you choosing us for your appliance needs, and I’m concerned to hear that there may have been some confusion pertaining to incorrect information on your repair order. As someone who has quite a few old student addresses, I can understand wanting to get everything updated to the correct information. This certainly isn’t the stress-free service that we’ve intended, and I wanted to thank you for bringing this to our attention. Rescheduling around service dates isn't ideal, and I can definitely understand your need for urgency.


With that being said, I’d be happy to take a deeper look into the situation and go over our options. To get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number? You can send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.

Scott|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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