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Customer Service Nightmare

Best Buy delivered & installed our new range oven on Thursday evening. By Saturday morning it had stopped working - there was no power to the unit. We couldn’t use the oven or stove. I called customer service and was on hold for 40 minutes before an option for call back. An agent called me back 40 minutes later and said he was arranging for a replacement to be delivered. He put me on hold and a woman answered. She said he sent me to the wrong department and put me on hold for another 40 minutes. I received a call back an hour later and encountered the WORST customer service representative I have ever spoken with. He said the earliest they could come out was 2 weeks and when I objected he told me “I’m over this. You can talk to my supervisor, I’m quitting right now. Because of people like you.” Then he hung up on me.
People like ME?!? People who want to cook for their families and not eat out for 2 weeks?? People like me who were given a faulty product and want it repaired/replaced before 2 weeks??Was BestBuy going to reimburse our food expense?!? I clearly wasn’t getting anywhere on the phone so I drove to the store and asked for a customer service manager. The Team Leader who came to help me had the nerve to laugh when I told him what was said to me on the phone. It then took 30 minutes for them to process my refund, which he passed off to someone else. I wasn’t rude or loud or mean, but was treated with such disregard. Not even an apology for the inconvenience or rude treatment on the phone. I’m disappointed and angry. How is this acceptable service? I want these individuals to have remedial training in customer service and compassion for customer experience. I demand a response on how this will be addressed.
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Re: Customer Service Nightmare

Sounds like those associates have some room for improvement, however the way your post was written, puts me on Best Buys side.

If 2 weeks was the soonest appointment, then that's the soonest appointment, they are not going to bump someone else out of que.

If never seen a food expense credit for an oven.. from anywhere... just a spoiled food credit if a fridge went bad

Demanding a response on how they address thier employees makes you sound like you just want revenge. They will not discuss how they address situations with thier associates, nor should they.
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Re: Customer Service Nightmare

Basic troubleshooting questions:


Is the range properly plugged in?  Either the plug into the wall (even for gas units), or the wires connected to the back of the range if it's an electric unit.


Did the circuit breaker trip?  A lot of breakers will still appear to be in the "On" position when they trip, and they need to be switched to "Off" and then back "On" to reset properly.  If the breaker tripped, is it on a sufficient circuit?


Some appliances do, in fact, just stop working when new.  But breaking that quickly after installation sounds like it may have been an installation issue or something else unrelated to the unit itself.

*disclaimer* I am not now, nor have I ever been, an employee of Best Buy, Geek Squad, nor of any of their affiliate, parent, or subsidiary companies.
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Re: Customer Service Nightmare

I’m sorry if I sounded vengeful - I’m really not. I don’t want or need Best Buy to discuss with me their actions with their staff, but I would like to know that my complaint is being routed to the appropriate person or department. These staff members need some coaching or training on how to handle service recovery.

And I wholeheartedly disagree that 2 weeks is an acceptable wait time after they delivered me a faulty item...
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Re: Customer Service Nightmare

Hi, Mdorazi,


Thanks very much for joining us here at the Best Buy Community forums. I'm sorry about the issue with your appliance, and with the poor service you received when calling in.


Please reach out to me through a private message by using the link in my signature below this post. I'll need your name, email address, and phone number. If you have your order number handy as well, that would help.


Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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