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Customer Service, Lack Of

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Best Buy Headquarters                                                            Kathy {removed per forum guidelines}

7601 Penn Ave S,                                                                    {removed per forum guidelines}

Minneapolis, MN 55423                                                          {removed per forum guidelines}

Phone(612) 291-1000                                                          {removed per forum guidelines}


November 12, 2020


I want to file a formal complaint regarding the attitude and behavior of customer support, and the lack of ability to actually reach a store associate or a manager.

I was interested in a new cell phone.  Needed to find out about compatible plans of service.

This is a just a phone call, I am capable of ordering online with this information if available.

I began by calling my local Best Buy Store, in Concord, NC. 

First: I called from {removed per forum guidelines}; I was put on hold. After 30 minutes, I called from the second cell phone {removed per forum guidelines}.  I added this phone to the cell phone watch.  Listening to a ridiculous loop of Christmas music.  Another 30 minutes, neither phone had yet to be answered. 

Now I call 1-800-BEST BUY from the land line in my home, {removed per forum guidelines}.  Where I get “Anthony”, at 10:40am.  Anthony refuses to begin a complaint, and eventually guarantees that he can get me thru to the store, the phone department; to resolve my questions, and to actually take my complaint.  Anthony transfers the call, the robo-computer tells me my wait time is less than one minute.

While I am waiting on the land line, someone answers from the first phone I called from, that was currently on hold.  {removed per forum guidelines}, and identify themselves as from the “CALL CENTER”.  This girl refuses to give me her name.  She refuses to give me her operator number, and now after being on hold for more than 1 hour and 42 minutes, she simply hangs up.

Waiting another 15 minutes for someone to answer either of the two remaining phones on hold. I use the first phone to call Best Buy headquarters, (612)291-1000.

Finally, the land line, {removed per forum guidelines} is answered.  “Wennie” tells me that Best Buy no longer accepts complaints.  That I can post a complaint online at the forum, or nothing.  There is simply no way, any longer to file a complaint.

Now after almost 2 hours from the beginning, I am ready to give up.  I log onto the computer attempting to file a complaint.  While beginning this letter, “Valereia” answers from the (612)291-1000 complaint line.  I am calling from my cell {removed per forum guidelines}.

“Valereia” is calling from her home.  She has a dog barking in the back-ground, I can hear it.  The dog distracts her enough, that because English is NOT her first language, she is having difficulty understanding the numerals in my phone number.  I tried to get her to tell me her first language, she refuses.  The dog is still barking.  I asked for her supervisor.  Eventually she understood, that because of the language barrier, (I had to keep repeating everything, and still she didn’t understand.) I wanted her supervisor.  She told me the supervisor, had a 30-minute wait time. Then she put me on hold.  30-minutes later, she came back online, to tell me, she was still trying to reach her manager.

I have written this entire complaint, and I am still on hold.

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Does BEST BUY seriously think that they can continue to treat customers this way.  There are other places, I can find a phone.

But I will post on social media, twitter, and Planet Feedback.  I would consider the Better Business Bureau, but your company is no longer accredited with them.  As if I don’t know why.

A lot of brick and mortar stores are falling by the way-side.  Without excellent customer service, how long will Best Buy last?

I can’t cause Best Buy the frustration you have caused me.  And I doubt that this one customer really matters. I honestly feel that your company should consider spending some of your profits, and get a sincerely customer service team in place.

BTW: I am still on hold with Valereia, and her manager, a man; refuses to take this call.  Told her to file the complaint.  She can’t, she doesn’t speak enough English to understand, and he refuses to help her.

I guess I should be surprised, but I am not.



Kathy {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Customer Service, Lack Of

Hello, Kathy, and welcome to our online community!

Thank you for taking to the time to post on our forum and describe the experience you've had with our customer service. While I hate to hear you weren't able to get through to the Concord store initially with your cell phone questions, we would expect you to receive the support you were searching for when contacting our customer service line. It saddens me to learn of the runaround you were given and the experience you had when voicing your feedback. This is not the kind of treatment we expect our customers to receive, as we strive to provide the best support possible in-store, over the phone, and online.

That said, I'd like the chance to formally document your interaction and offer any additional assistance you may need now. Our social media support team is based out of our corporate offices, and it's important that we thoroughly case your concerns and experience in our system. To start, please send me a private message including your preferred phone number and any updates to this situation.



Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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