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Credit decrease

I received an email indicating that my credit limit was decreased. I go in to my account, review my payment history. I take that information and call the number provided and speak w/ "Matthew". We cover my payment history. He informs me that it is flawless. We cover my recent payments. He informs me that in the passt 90 days I made payments totalling $533.80 (My decrease in limit was made AFTER these payments were posted). We cover any extention requests I have made. He informs me that I have made zero requests. We cover my balance and he informs me that I have never exceeded my agreed upon balance. So I ask "is this how a customer w/ a perfect pay history is treated? By being penalized?" He informs me, and I quote, "yes sir, you can have a perfect payment history with us and your account can be penalized". He then informs me that no one can reinstate my account credit limit back to what it was and if I wanted to pursue it any further I would "have to write a letter", because its 1978 not 2022. He also proceeded to tell me that "just because you disagree with the adjustment does not change the fact that it was made regardless if you make your payments or not".  


So to sum it up, Best Buy and Citi Bank view customers with perfect pay history that make additional payments monthly in attempt to pay off the no intrest purches faster as "high risk". Maybe if I missed a few payments they would have raised my limit, but that would just be silly....


Mike C



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Re: Credit decrease

Hello, Mike, 


Thanks for reaching out through the forums. Here you'll find a community of friendly and helpful members and staff.


As someone who takes the family financial responsibility very serious. I completely understand frustration with the Best Buy Credit Card. Unfortunately, this solely based on Citibank criteria, Best buy does not have any input.



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