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Credit card Application - Never Applied

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Hello I have received the letter saying my BB credit card application is not approved and which I never applied. I tried to calling customer service number 888-908-0031 but it is automated service. This is fraud and I want someone to answer this. 


Reference Number - {removed per forum guidelines}


Please let me know how to dispute this.




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Re: Credit card Application - Never Applied

If you're not having any luck with that number, you may try the main Best Buy Credit Card Number.  This number is 1-888-574-1301.  Keep in mind the credit card is ran by Citibank, so they should be able to connect you with the right team.  I would also strongly encourage you to keep an eye on your credit card, if you didn't apply in store or online I would be concerned that someone has all of your details and is impersonating you.  You may look at locking your credit to prevent new accounts from being open as well as enacting a monitoring service.  


I also reported your post, hopefully the moderators will see it and remove the reference number you provided.  This is the sort of information a scammer could use to impersonate you when calling Citibank.

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