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Credit Card Account closed without notification

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To Corporate Best Buy,


I discovered my Best Buy credit card was closed through my credit monitoring service. I spoke to the phone number on my card and found that your bank closes accounts for inactivity. I think you should notify  your customer by mail that this may happen so one might make purchase with your Best Buy card to keep it active based on your standards. We do have maintinence contracts on appliances still in effect and belong to your Geek Squad protection program.


What do I want you to do?  Reopen my account. I did speak to your bank CBNA and Sheri did take a complaint from me today 12/27/2020.


Gary {removed per forum guidelines}


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Re: Credit Card Account closed without notification

Best buy doesn't have access to your account to email or even know it was closed it's all run by citibank.
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Re: Credit Card Account closed without notification

Closing inactive lines of credit is not unique to Citibank. To keep in line with federal credit regulations, once your line of credit it closed the way to “reopen” would be to reapply. That is how Best Buy would be able to assist with your Best Buy Credit Card through Citibank.

If you want more details regarding the closure or communication of said closure, you’ll want to continue to work with Citibank.
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Re: Credit Card Account closed without notification



I know it's not helpful, but just want to add that I had some credit cards closed for no activity in the past and no one has ever notified me. I don't think they do that, for whatever reason. I suspect banks prefer new accounts.