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Corporate Donation

My name is Stephen Murray and I am an engineering teacher at Sherman High School in Sherman, Texas, and I am representing the Sherman Advanced Manufacturing Program at the High School.  The students with the AMP program are currently involved in a contest with other Texoma schools called Swap It Up.  The Swap It Up program is sponsored by the local Sherman Economic Developement Corporation and involves trading items or obtaining donations for local area non-profit organizations.  You can check out the program on Facebook by searching Swap It Up AMP.  The organization Sherman AMP program is trying to obtain items for is the local Sherman Salvation Army.  One of the items on their list is a washer and dryer for the emergency center.  This is the reason for my request as I visited the local store today to try to obtain or swap for a donation and the manager at the store indicated all requests for donations  were handled by the Corporate office, thus the reason for my contacting you.  Though the program would welcome any donation by Best Buy we would naturally like to obtain the washer and dryer for the Salvation Army's needs.  You can reach at this email address any time with a reply.  My only isssue is the Swap It Up program only runs until October 23rd, so any donation or transaction would have to be completed by October 20th.  I appreciate your review of my request and look forward to hearing from you in the near future, however, if their on any questions I can answer regarding the program, please just let me know.  Thanks again for your consideration of my request.