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Coordination of printer purchase with Total Tech purchase

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Good day


On November 7,2022, I placed this order:{removed per forum guidelines}.  My expectation at the time was for Geek Squad to install it.  At your Morgantown store I was told I would need to be a Total Tech customer to have it installed.  At the time, I did not sign up for that, figuring I would do so after the printer arrived.


Earlier this week when I began to arrange installation, online chat with Best Buy revealed I should have subscribed to Total Tech first and then bought the printer if I wanted it installed/supported.  The customer service person (Chinthan) informed me of all that and said I would have to return the printer I have now (box is unopened), subscribe to Total Tech and then (bold and underscore intentional) order the same model printer.  Once that was done, I could arrange for its installation with TotalTech. 


After much discussion back and forth I agreed to do that, expecting to receive an invoice online for both and pay it via credit card.  When I subsequently checked my email, only an invoice for the printer was present - I had expected to see one invoice with the printer and Total Tech membership on it.  But I paid for the printer, expecting to see another email with an invoice for Total Tech.


An invoice for Total Tech was not received - I checked inbox, spam folder, and trash folder but found nothing about Total Tech.  As I understood my earlier chat with Chinthan, that meant the invoiced and paid for printer I had just puchased could not be installed by Total Tech since the printer purchase time would be before my purchasing Total Tech.  I tried to cancel the purchase, but could not - the chat bot indicated it was possible the order was already being processed and could not be cancelled.  I tried another chat (don't recall name), but the agent could not cancel the order either.  My guess is the BB system automatically flagged the purchase printer for delivery, but took it out of the orders queue.


All in all, the above consumed 3-4 hours of chatting with your agents.  The result is I will have 2 identical printers once the second one arrives.  I will have to take both to my local Best Buy in Morgantown WV to return them, sign up for Total Tech, then (bold and  underscore intentional) order the printer again.  Once it arrives I can presumably get Total Tech to install it.


Though I am not happy at doing it since I am 77, I will tote the 2 printers over to the store for return.  Once the store does that, I will purchase Total Tech on the spot.  When that is done, I will buy the same model printer.  It would not surprise me if Best Buy procedures would not allow the store to just sell me back one of the printers I will have just taken to them for return.


I certainly hope Total Tech works more smoothly than this has all gone.


Thanks for any assistance you may provide.  Any reply should be directly to {removed per forum guidelines}



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Re: Coordination of printer purchase with Total Tech purchase

Greetings, lewmcd, 


Thank you for joining our Best Buy Community and for sharing your story. I can understand your concern and agree that the process you've endured could have gone much smoother. Placing two orders for the same product is never an ideal situation. I'd be happy to offer any support I can. To get started kindly send a private message that includes your full name and phone number. To send a private message, simply click on the button to the right of my signature. 


Best Buy takes customer privacy very seriously. Because of this, I have removed your email address and order number from your post in order to protect your personal information and keep it from the public view.  


You can click here to find the benefits of Best Buy TotalTech (BBTT), and here for the Geek Squad Services, tech support, and installations that are included with BBTT membership. 


I look forward to hearing from you.



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Re: Coordination of printer purchase with Total Tech purchase

Thanks - local BB took care of returns, purchase of printer, and setting up TT.