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Continued site issues has now migrated to the BB CC

OK, I built a new box from the ground up and it works perfect. BB site seems to be functional with adding items and checking out.


However, I have sign in issues using the Citibank link at BB to sign in. Linking CC to my BB account never works.


Now I have to change my PW everytime I need to check my balance at the CC linked site.


Similar behavior that was happening on my BB account with my old BOX. I am now convinced it is either a site issue and a cookies issue.


Anyone else live to tell how to fix this?


Also an answer that millions use this without issue is unacceptable. 

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Re: Continued site issues has now migrated to the BB CC

Does attempting to reset this on the phone again work?

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Re: Continued site issues has now migrated to the BB CC

I know you went through several rounds of questions previously in which you stated you were not using any ad or script blockers and that you were not using a VPN.  


Did this new "box" get any data/settings transferred from the old "box"?  If so, you may have migrated the issue to the new machine.


Have you validated your network NTP settings are correct?  Having an OS, browser, and network disagree on the current time can have some undesirable effects.  Certain programs will reject connections based on contradicting times.  This is a safety measure in a lot of cases as manipulating the current time has been an attack vector in the past.


Outside of that, it might be time the moderators look into your account.  While I understand that saying millions of people use the site and that you do not find it helpful, the intent is to express that this isn't a "site" issue and is unique to you/your account.


If this issue occurs when you click the link on that carries you over to the Citi site, it is likely related to the first.  If you go directly to the Citi site and cannot login with your account details, this would be a new issue.  

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Re: Continued site issues has now migrated to the BB CC

OK, found one of the problems.


BB CITI may be assigning a log in name that is not your email address.


Evidently some systems have issues processing an email address as your login/user name.


The only way I discovered this is by using the BB app and trying to link accounts. It basically blocked user name to a pull down menu item.


As to my build, it was new custom built  ATX gaming tower with all new software/hardware. So I knew that the build was as perfect as you could get in this space time continuum. 


Also I called Citi tech before I did the post  at 0240 AM and they perhaps did that user name change when the all woke up to that fresh cup of coffee.


All of this because tech folks did not covey, through the web site, important instructions on account setup and linking.