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Bought an Open Box - Excellent Condition item but it's missing parts

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I ordered a Galaxy Book Pro 360 laptop last week. Here is a link to the item:


I opened it today and am loving the laptop so far, however it's missing the S Pen that is supposed to be included, even though the item was listed as Open Box - Excellent condition with no missing accessories (even the label on the box says so)


I'm pretty disappointed, but I do not want to return it because I really want to keep the laptop (and also it's gonna look quite sketchy when I bring the laptop in to return without the pen). Is there anyway I can get a replacement S Pen or a partial refund so that I can buy one myself?


Amazon does have it available and at this time it's about $45: {removed per forum guidelines}. It doesn't look like Best Buy carries the pen.


Any help will be much appreciated. Let me know if more info is needed. Thank you so much!


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OpenBox Macbook Air has BestBuy user and some password - nothing works.

How crazy it is..


I bought an open box excellent condition Macbook Air. There is Geek Squad tag.

I open and I see Macbook has "BestBuy" user and I tried several passwords including none, but nothgin works/


how unprofessional it is...


I tried to call them, but agents can't help in this case.



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Open box refrigerator

My husband and I went to BB 11/11/21 to look at refrigerators and found one that we liked that was for sale as an open box. We bought that exact refrigerator, in store, and set up a delivery time for the next week. The sale was perfect and everyone was helpful. We have always had good experiences at BB and this was another one. Until now. Our delivery has been rescheduled 3 times as of today. I am starting to suspect that the refrigerator has gone missing, somehow. My husband got an email just a few days ago saying that everything was going according to schedule for the 3rd scheduled delivery date, but for whatever reason, BB canceled the delivery without any communication. I can understand supply chain issues, in fact one of the reasons we bought that particular open box refrigerator, in store, is because it was there and we bought that exact one. But where the heck is it and why is BB quietly canceling scheduled delivery dates without any communication?
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Harassment by employee and Consumer rights violation

Let me start by saying Best Buy has been terrible from both and ethical and business perspective. I was on hold over 2 hours last night. I was hung up on three times while waiting for a supervisor. One customer service representative told me to call back in two hours and that they would have a supervisor available then because one was not available right now. I called back in two hours and the customer service hotline was closed. A live chat representative harassed me and was very rude.

I have tried to remain polite and cordial through this whole situation. No cussing or anything of that manner. If anything I got to a point where I tried to talk more firm.

I purchased an open box item. The defects were listed on the open box sticker and I was OK with the defects listed. Immediately upon opening I realized two things were not listed the base rbg lighting no working and it only had a six month warranty even though I was told it would have a one-year warranty. I was actually told again last night that it would have a one-year warranty. I have been told by several representatives and have documentation showing that they said it would have a one-year warranty. As a former Best Buy computer department employee myself I decided to do some testing and benchmarks on the hardware. It is having an obvious CPU issue and possibly even a gpu issue. I have gone to see geek squad in store three times now and have been sent away with no result. The most recent time they tried to charge me for a diagnostic. This diagnostic should’ve been ram from the beginning since Best Buy open box policy states “ Each open-box product was tested or inspected to verify proper working order and physical appearance, and assigned a condition.”. These test we’re not performed correctly and obvious things such as RBG lightning were missed.

This is a clear violation of the consumers rights act which states a consumer has “ the right to have information about the quality, potency, quantity, purity, price and standard of goods or services”. I was not provided this information due to lack of or improper testing of the product. Geek squad tried to even upsell me to fix pre-existing conditions. They tried to make me pay for the diagnosis, totaltech, and geek squad protection plans. I would have considered this issue resolved if they had just fixed the unlisted pre-existing conditions. But now we are also looking at a harassment problem which I will not explain here. A supervisor was supposed to contact me about that yesterday and never did too.

Extremely disappointed in Best Buy’s ethics and business practices.
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Re: Harassment by employee and Consumer rights violation

please excuse any grammatical errors. I was trying to send it from my phone because it would not let me send it from my computer. Computer response is working now.

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Re: Harassment by employee and Consumer rights violation

A little confused here... I'm never been a bestbuy employee and even I can tell you

1. Phone/chat support are generally useless over seas people often working remotely. They don't have a supervisor for you to talk to

2. Open box products have the same as new manufacturers warranty which is often covered by the geek squad if the manufacturer refuses

3. It's the geek squads option to repair,replace it refund not to exceed you orginal purchase price

4. Open box items are considered one of a kind items and generally will only be refunded or repaired not replaced. If you paid open box price your refund will generally not be enough to cover a new item and you would then pay the difference.

Pretty sure all best buy employees would know this....
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Re: Harassment by employee and Consumer rights violation

1. They are representitives of the company if best buy hires out their customer service. Then I talked to a fake supervisor.


2. They do not have the same warranty. My current product does not.


4. items were not inspected cosmetically and proper working order was not test properly. I only asked for the items they missed on the open box defect sheet to be repaired. Not the ones listed.


No reason to call me liar. I am a former employee in the computer department. 


pretty sure anybody with a brain could rationalize this though.... 

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Issue with open box purchase

On 4/25 I purchased an open box - satisfactory laptop. It mentioned there would be cosmetic issues, but nothing about hardware issues. The laptop has a blown speaker on one side. I've tried all troubleshooting solutions from Asus, no change. I tried the chat customer service, phone, and going to the store.

Through chat and phone support they keep telling me the only option is to go to the store. I've been to the store twice. They told me there is no warranty since it's open box. The only solutions they've offered is selling me some $200 total tech plan, exchanging for a new replacement and charging me $400+, or exchanging for a laptop with much worse specs.

So what's the actual policy? I understand I can return it for a refund, but I want this laptop.