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The Customer service Run Around

Hello BB team,



I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that multiple channels could not resolve an issue with a recent purchase.


I attempted chat which essentially is just a glorified price match team. 


I was directed to call Customer service and provided the general number. 


I used the Elite members Customer service channel hoping to get a resolution. 


Sadly I was mistaken and left with the same problem and 2 hours wasted. 





Condition:Open Box Excellent




I had the agent read back that he was indeed sending a replacement unit for this product that is missing a part.

Without the part (Back Leg)  the stand is absolutely useless. 


He instead decided to ship the microwave instead and avoided the issue all together. 



I now instead have to return a microwave + a useless TV stand that requires me to go into the store to resolve.


The incompetence I encountered was insane and I will be voicing these experiences with the majority of people I k now who do business with BB regularly. 


I'm gonna leave you with some great comedy from the chat transcript:


Phillip A  23:00:38 GMT  Would you like to have an $25 credit for the missing part? 


Good Joke Phillip....Good Joke indeed. 





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Re: The Customer service Run Around

If your communication with them was as hard to follow as this post I can see where the issue lies...

Bestbuy doesn't have parts for open box items, Thier only option is to return the item for a refund.
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HDTV Open Box - Missing legs/stand though only listed missing accessory was the remote



Yesterday I purchased a TCL 43S525 HDTV in-store as an open box in Fair condition. The defice was listed as having no damage and only missing a remote.


Upon opening the box at home (I asked if I could do so before purchasing in-store and was told that that wasn't store policy), I discovered that the TV was missing its legs/stand, and also, upon turning it on, I saw that it had not been factory reset, still contained the previous owner's streaming service accounts in its smart TV features, as well as their credit card information for purchases (!).


This suggests to me that the TV had never even been opened/inspected upon the original customer return, which is pretty concerning.


I really want this TV as it's the best-reviewed model I could find in-store (they didn't have any new-condition ones) in a size that works for my home, but I need some sort of stand or legs to be able to use it.

Is it possible to receive a partial refund or credit towards a stand or mount?


Thank you!

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Open Box iMac missing mouse

I purchased an open box iMac in Excellent condition.  The first one arrived with the screen smashed.  It came in a regular box with one sheet of bubble wrap around the monitor and the accessories free floating in the box.  I called customer service for a replacement, which I received today.  The computer itself was nicely packaged, but was missing the mouse.  I called customer service and was told I would have to return the whole computer to get the mouse.  I have been without a computer for a week while I waited for two shipments.  I do not want to send it back again and wait another week without a computer, so I have to go out and buy a mouse myself.  I expected Best Buy to check the box to make sure all accessories were present before sending it out.  Disappointed.

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Missing pieces

I order a lg cx 77in recently I had best buy deliver and install it. It was a open box product. After they installed it, I noticed it did not come with the magic remote. I mentioned it but they said they just found some old remote in the back that works. Now I just realized that they did not leave the stand, if it even came with one. At the store I asked the sales person if it was missing anything, and he said no. It's sad that they don't know what's missing on a open box product, shouldn't they disclose it? Anyways, I just tried contacting by phone and got a unknowledgeable rep. She said that the Lg Cx77 doesn't even come with a stand, but the picture on the box shows it. I am very upset.
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Ordered “excellent condition”, received the exact opposite

A few days ago, I ordered a GE Profile Opal 2.0, which is a soft ice maker, and it certainly isn’t cheap.
Because of this, I ordered it “open box—excellent”.
When I unboxed it, it was absolutely destroyed.
The top plate was broken at the clips, exposing the wiring and electronic components.
The drawer was bent.
The sides were all scuffed.
The water reservoir was cracked down both sides, and on one of the cracks it was broken straight through.

“Excellent condition”.

I was told I could return it to the store but when I tried to call the store it routed me to someone who refused to let me confirm with the store that they would have an equal replacement, telling me I should “just bring it in”.
When I asked if they had a replacement she said she didn’t know, but again, refused to allow me to confirm before hauling a 50lb+ box out of my apartment down the stairs when I am physically disabled.

I spoke with a few people over chat. They said they’d have UPS pick it up and once the warehouse received it I’d get refunded, which was estimated to be about 8-10 days.
Once the refund processed, it would take another 5 days to reflect that on my account.
At which time I could purchase a different one, another 5 days or so. If there was one of the same cost.

I told them I was more than willing to work with them on the 8-10 days but if that is the case I requested immediate store credit.
I was told “maybe, I’ll put a note on your account.”

Then I spoke with another rep who tried to place an exchange for me, but then it wasn’t available upon attempting to place, and so that had to be canceled.
So, then they told me they could only request that once and since it had already been attempted, I was then told I no longer had that option.
I would have to send it back to the warehouse and wait. They’d send out a UPS Driver to pick it up directly, but again, same wait time. And they said I’d receive an email to confirm this and set up a suitable time... I didn’t receive that email EITHER.

I was then told again if they didn’t have an equal replacement for it, then I would have to repurchase for more than what I already paid and just eat the difference.

So an 18-21 day wait to have it shipped back, refunded, and replaced, and I’d have to pay EXTRA to have it replaced.

I’m struggling incredibly hard understanding why it’s acceptable to claim something is in excellent condition, send me a fully defective item, force me to wait up to three weeks to get the replacement back to me because Best Buy messed up.
The company misrepresented an item that was essentially destroyed and now I have to pay with time and then eat any extra costs to have it replaced.
I’m truly not understanding this.

Even reps told me this wasn’t my fault. I know it wasn’t. So why am I the one eating the time and the money for this unbelievable disaster of a mistake?

It’s not even the lack of “fairness here”, it’s the disregard for what went down and how I’m now paying for the company’s mistake.

I’m disabled, my options are already limited, and I ordered this almost solely because I’m frequently dealing with anemia, and I knew the cost would be worth it over the long term.
Instead, I’m left without and paying for BBs mistake.

If this is what I should anticipate upon ordering anything online, then it’ll certainly be my first and last mistake, and what an incredible mistake considering this was a $500 purchase.
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When did "Open Box" become "Well Used"

I picked up and open box chromebook at your williston vt store last night.  It was listed as Open Box - Fair, which per description is  "not missing any critical accessories".  Well as it turns out the ONLY thing in the box is the laptop.  No power supply(I'd consider this a critical component), no paperwork(expected), and the final touch was a missing rubber foot and all the other feet showed quite a bit of wear.


I'm used to buying open box that are returns, not things that have obvioulsy seen significant use and missing major components.  If I had paid for "Satisfactory"(about the difference of the price of the power spply) then perhaps I could deal with the obvious "used" state.  This is not a laptop that was played with for 2 weeks and maybe accidentally scratch, this is a laptop that is not only missing it's power, but has been used heavily.


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Open Box projector with 50% Lamp life and missing Power cord/Remote

Hello Need some help here I purchased a open box satisfactory sony projector. It did not come with power cord/ Remote and lamp life is about 3000HRS (max lamp life is 6000 hours) Also when I rotate the projector, it makes sound of a loose part(screw) I did store pick up and was not allowed to inspect the item before accepting it. Questions 1. Open box satisfactory implies all necessary parts are present : is power cord/remote are not necessary parts? 2. Lamp Life, How can Best Buy did not inform that 50% Lamp life is already exhausted , is this fair? I do not want to return the projector, but can not get over the frustration of this buying experience, Pl help, what should be the next steps Thank you
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HP Omen defective PSU [Open box - "Excellent"]

Purchased an HP Omen 30L 2 weeks ago Condition was 'Open Box - Excellent.


PC just arrived yesterday, and after setting it up I've found the Power Supply Unit to be defective. While the PC turns on, the PSU:

  • makes a very audible rattling sound
  • every few minutes the fan will stop turning abruptly, and the rattling will get louder & more deliberate. The fan will eventually start back up but the issue will reoccur soon after.
  • The PC also occassionally powers off by itself


Other than this I've benchmarked the other components and they seem to be working flawlessly. What are my options here? Can I be issued a replacement PSU? 






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Open Box Excellent Still missing accessories

I just bought an Open Box Excellent Condition LG 65" CX to replace a problematic Vizio 65" OLED-H1. The LG stated that it was Excellent with no missing accessories. Well I get home and start unboxing only to realize that it is missing the stand for the the TV. It's absolutely ridiculous that the employees are so incompetent that they can't even tell that the stand to a TV is missing. Absolutely disappointed again with Best Buy's Open Box purchases. After being locked out of a Macbook Pro I bought for my wife and spending an hour with Apple getting it figured out to get access and now this, I'm done with Best Buy Open Box and Best Buy in general. It's too much of a pain and it seems like the majority of the employees are incompetent.