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Re: Bought new, shipped open-box..

I understand the return policy and what could be done on my end that both wastes my time, gas for travel, and energy.. My point is, there should be some form of responsibility on Best Buy's part for shipping an open-box item attempting to pass it off as new.. I'm not looking for the world, but I do believe there should be some form of compensation on Best Buy's part, whether it be through discounting the open-box item or offering a discount on a proper NEW item that I'll now have to wait several days to be delivered.. 


I'll sell you a hot dog.. Don't worry.. It's only been licked by the local rats a few times.. LOL!! Maybe not the best analogy, but you get the point.. 

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Geek Squad Certified Appliance Lemon and Run-around

I recently purchased an open-box GE Dryer from the Erie, PA store.  My dryer broke and I needed one ASAP.  We found a model we were interested in, available at the Erie store and went in to purchase it, including the Geek Squad 5 year warranty.  The Open Box model had a slight dent on the side, but was said to be tested by the Geek Squad and in full working order.  So, I had it loaded up in my truck, took it home, and got it set up.  Note, I had to replace the power cord, because the dryer had a 3-prong, but ours was the more standard 4-prong plug.


So, after getting it all set up, I ran a dryer cycle, and it had a horrible boom from the right side right where the dent is, that keeps occuring as the dryer drum rotates.  The bonus...the thing works.  It works really well and my wife loves it.  But that constant loud banging is a problem.


So, I tried to get in touch with the Erie BB store, but ended up having to talk to their corporate office.  They said they'd have the Store Manager call me that day.  I never got a call.  So I called again, and this time was told it would be within three business days.  Again, no call.  I then waited until Thursday to go in, because of being in quarantine due to a family member having Covid.  At the store, I was basically told to bring the dryer back in and they would take $100 off the price of a new one (which they had to order in) or use the Geek Squad warranty and have them come to fix it.  Now, they gave me a great deal on the Open Box originally, but now were only really offering to pay me for the time and effort I've gone through ($100 off is a pittance, especially considering the time I've already put into this problem).  I asked if they could just order me in a new one, and I could exchange it with the broken one, even offering to pay more (but not the meager $100 off that they offered) - they declined.


So, after buying the tool the BB salesman told me about to use to "pop out" the dent, and trying it, I discovered that it didn't fix the problem.  So that left me with calling for Geek Squad support, which I did.  And what did Geek Squad support just tell me - they can't fix it, because the parts needed aren't available, and the best option is for me to take the dryer back and get my money back.  Note, the Geek Squad tech was very nice an apologetic, and seemed to understand my frustration. (See Case Number 259070611).


So, to make a long story short, Best Buy sold me a broken Dryer that the Geek Squad didn't even bother to test before putting it back on the floor.   I was unable to talk to anyone at the store without having to make a long trip in.  I'm told to try fixing it myself or get the Geek Squad to fix it, since I bought the warranty, and now I'm told they can do nothing.  Heck, even if the Geek Squad could fix it, the cost to do so would be more than the difference of just replacing the dryer.

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Open box satisfactory PC purchase NIGHTMARE!!!

I have recently purchase a satisfactory open box HP Omen desktop online. I then drove to a Best Buy store 40 miles from my home to pickup the computer. When i got home and opened the box, I come to find out that the box only contained the PC and powercord. No keyboard, mouse, and manuals of any kind. Once I boot the computer, it starts to crash. I then go to the nearest Best Buy to return the computer. The store takes the computer and gives me a reciept for the return and promise a refund is incoming shortly. Once i get home, I receive a email from the store manager relaying to me that they found a hard drive missing from the computer and that my refund was revoked and to come into the store so that we can speak in person. I drive down to the store and the manager tells me that there's nothing he could do about the refund and that revoking the refund is store policy but not to worry, if i call this coporate number that my issue would be resolved. So i call the cororate hotline and they tell me to return the item to a local store and they would issue a refund. I return to my local Best Buy and speak to the manager again and this time he tells me that he will speak to corporate and resolve the situation and he would get back to me via email.


After 4 days of checking back in with the store manager and no movement, I finally receive a email that reads "I just recieved an email that the reversal will be complete after we close tonight. If you would like to come by tommorrow 3/24/21 you can pick up the computer and either go to the Fullerton store and discuss this with them or call my coporate team at 888-BESTBUY"


I've followed every step to try and return this over 1 thousand dollar PC that I RECEIVED with parts missing!!! I've taken it to the store to return, spoke with the manager, called the corporate number, then after 4 days been given the exact same option. As a long time Best Buy customer im writing here as what seems to be my last chance at returning a defective item I received and not being out over a thousand dollars. Please HELP! I'm tired of being on hold on the phone with talking to corporate and repeat trips to Best Buy for 1 return. What difference would it make if i drive to Fullerton 40 miles away to make the same return at a different store?

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Certified Open-Box Disaster

I recently purchased an almost $1k certified open box Lenovo laptop.


On arrival, it was covered with fingerprints and what I guess was food grease.


Ok, pretty gross during a pandemic. Whatever, spent 5 minutes cleaning it off. 


I plug it in and attempt to boot it up. No response, black screen. It's definitely broken, but I take it into a store the next day to confirm, maybe I was missing something.


They cannot start it either. 

How do they offer to fix the solution? Not even with an apology, they offer me an "open box" of lower quality, and a year subscription to microsoft word.


I would never use the program, so essentially they strong armed me into an even exchange for a worse laptop. I asked fi they could lower the price to reflect the lower rating but were unable to do so.


So now, after waiting a week for a delivery and taking a trip to the store, I'm stuck with a worse laptop than I paid for with nothing I can do about it.


What can I do in this situaiton because they Best Buy did absolutely nothing to recrify their multiple erros?

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TCL 50S434 Open Box Excellent Condition - Not

Okay so I bought a TCL open box excellent condition for my niece back in November the tv hasn't been taken out of the box at all it's been stored in the garage because of house repairs plus moving out, anyways yesterday was the first time taking the tv out from the box let me tell you the screen has a big scratch, it's dirty, plus there's zero paperwork

If your a corporate manager is it possible to write me a reply so when i take it back to my Best Buy they can replace it preferably even give me a new one not an open box
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disappointing experience at BestBuy

Yesterday I purchased (online) a Sony camera lens ($1,870.49) advertised as an open box, excellent rating and all items certified by the Geek Squad. I paid on my credit card and was notified when item was ready for pickup. I drove 45 minutes to the  store and asked the counter person to open the box so that I could be sure all items were accounted for. 2 items were missing from the sealed and certified box. The replacement cost of these 2 items were $200. 

I asked that the amount be deducted from the cost of the lens and the manager was going to reduce the lens by $60.

The manager was very dismissive said that I was not entitled to anymore discount because it was an open box, although the open box was certified excellent and all items were to be included. I explained that i would have never made this purchase ( and drove 45 minutes)  knowing that these items were missing and that what i paid for was a complete package and that the discount was due to it being an open box, not due to missing items that I would have to purchase to use the lens.


Very disappointing that certified open boxes can not be checked for accuracy prior to a customer being charged and driving 45 minutes to the store.




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Re: TCL 50S434 Open Box Excellent Condition - Not

I doubt they can do anything for you as the return period has long sence passed. Even if it was within the 15 day return period they only would return it, not give you a new one.
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Re: TCL 50S434 Open Box Excellent Condition - Not

Well it's there fault for sending me a dam tv in such condition when it clearly said open box excellent condition
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Open Box purchase doesn't meet satisfactory description, what is my recourse?

I bought a soundbar that was listed as "Open Box - Satisfactory" (all essential accessories included) and picked it up the other day, when I got it home it was missing the cables to connect the sub to the rear speakers. They have a specific footprint, not generic speaker wire. Everyone I've talked to on the phone says they're not allowed to give credits for missing items, (even though they were able to do exactly that for me for a different product just a few months back...). They tell me my only option is to go to the store and either return or exchange the item, but it's not in stock close to me anymore, and no stores are taking calls for me to ask if they just have the cables. I did email the store I purchased it from but haven't heard back yet. The manufacturer does not sell these cables so my only option is to buy then from a 3rs party vendor.

The remote for the soundbar was also missing. I understand remotes are specifically listed as non essential on devices, but it's actually needed to fully set this one up.
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Open-Box Satisfactory receiver missing remote

I purchased an open-box receiver in Satisfactory condition, which per the descriptions on, says that "In addition, original packaging is typically not present, and nonessential parts or accessories might be missing..." and just had it picked up, and it's actually ONLY the receiver (and power cord). For Satisfactory condition, I was expecting at least the remote to be included, as typically someone returning this item would have no use for it but would have used the remote in their usage of the receiver itself.

I would posit that missing everything except the item itself and power cord (no box, manuals, setup microphone, AM/FM antennas, brochures, etc. etc.) would satisfy only the "Fair" open-box condition, where "vital accessories are commonly missing". I would like to keep the item as it is the only one in my area, but if I could perhaps be refunded the difference in the cost between Satisfactory and Good conditions, to be able to purchase an aftermarket/third party replacement remote
, that would more than make up for it. Thank you.