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I recently bought an opened boxed Kraken X63 RGB Cooler for 112.86 after tax. When I got home to open it, it turned out to be a Kraken Z63 instead. Which is okay with me since it is practically an upgraded version of what I wanted. However, on the box it said it included all of the accessories, which it did not. It was missing the intel bracket and backplate, most of the screws, and both cables that it was suppose to come with. So, I contacted customer support, told them the story, and they said that its no problem. They said that they appreciated me for being honest with them and that I can pick up the parts at my nearest best buy. That is what I went out and did today. Instead to being able to get my hands on the part, I was told that the stores do not sell parts and that they would have to order me a new X63 (not the Z63) and that I would have to pay the difference. I was perfectly okay with a X63 but having the pay the difference? I was told by customer service that I could get the parts to a Z63. Now they basically took that away and made me pay another $50 on top of what I have already spent on an opened box item. Not happy about how it unfolded to say the least. 

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Customer Complaint regarding open box purchase

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Hi my name is Shannon. The order # is {removed per forum guidelines}. I purchased a open box TV online that was supposed to be in “Excellent” condition to be picked up from your store in Winston Salem, NC which is 1.5 hours away from my house. When I arrived this morning the TV was in a bubble wrap laying on a cart. According to your website “Excellent” means it has no physical flaws, scratches, or scuffs and will include all original parts and accessories. The TV had absolutely zero original parts. No power cord, remote, absolutely nothing. I explained this to the representative and she got her manager involved. The manager explained to me that open box TVs don’t have to have anything included with it and she personally valued the TV as Excellent and it should told me all this online that it didn’t have any original parts. I showed her what the designation of Excellent means on your website and that I would not have driven a hour and a half if I knew that was the case. She stated that Best Buy no longer carries the TV so she couldn’t order anything for it and I won’t need the TV’s legs cuz I can mount it on a wall. Then she stated I could also just cancel the order. Of being that I drove so far, I told her this was unacceptable so she told me to go look for another TV and she would give me $100 off. I just told her I’ll just take the TV because I didn’t drive that far for nothing and advised that I would speak to someone else. On my way home I spoke to Customer Service and this is when things got even worse. The 1st representative I spoke to told me I would have to call the manufacturer when I explained in detail my experience in the store. I asked to speak to a supervisor and waited patiently for around 25 minutes. As soon as I got a Supervisor on the phone she began recapping what the representative told her. I began explaining it was a little more too and as soon as started speaking the call dropped. That was about 30 seconds into the call. I waited a little while to see if she would call back and she didn’t. I proceeded to call back and spoke with another representative and gave him a rundown of everything I’ve experienced so far. He got me in touch with another supervisor. I’m not sure if I was speaking to the same person again but I explained to her that if the call was to disconnect can she call me back. She said yes and gave read back my number. Now I’m thinking why didn’t the previous supervisor think to do so. This supervisor wasn’t any help either. She told me it was my fault for taking the TV and I should’ve gotten it exchanged for something else. I replied by stating that I would’ve loved to do so if I was given that option but I wasn’t and that’s why I’m reaching out. She didn’t offer me one solution to my problem besides taking it back to the store. I explained to her that I was at the location for almost 2 hours and I was already heading home. I also tried to reason with her that I did pick up the item in the store but it was ordered online where it clearly stated the Item was in “Excellent” condition so why wouldn’t she be able to help me in anyway. She just kept telling me it’s nothing I can do for you sir. At this time I’m getting frustrated and advised if she could go to your website and explained to me what excellent condition means. She did so and stated it’s nothing I can do for you. I asked to speak with someone else and proceeded to hang up the call. I forgot to mention that in addition to all the original parts being missing the TV also has a scuff on the screen. I know this is a long message but the service I received was horrible. As a consumer you shouldn’t feel that you’re getting blamed and basically being advised that everything is your fault for simply going by a company’s website information. If you can please reach out to me that would be great since it’s absolutely no reason to contact your call center regarding this issue.

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Worst customer service I have ever experienced

I can not believe the terrible experience I have had today with Best Buy customer service.

I went to a store (an hour away) to pick up a wall oven in “excellent” open box condition. It was bubble wrapped so I was not able to look at it until I got home.

When I got home, the oven was absolutely not in excellent condition.

It was
-missing pieces

So I try to call customer service. The call got dropped time after time. I tried the store… store isn’t accepting calls. Literally for almost 2.5 hours I try to talk to someone about this.

Finally talk to a manager who says there is nothing he can do…that I have to go back to the store (an hour away) and hope the manager will do something for me.

He can’t even tell me if I can go to my local Best Buy to return it. He doesn’t know!

I will be sharing this experience with everyone I know so that no one shops open box at Best Buy.

I honestly feel tricked - they listed the oven as excellent and without the ability to check that out for myself, I was duped.

Never again. Best Buy will never get my business again.
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Re: Worst customer service I have ever experienced

Best Buy holds high standards when it come to open box items so an item you buy should be in the condition that it's supposed to be in, if its not as advertised the standard return policy applies per here :


For major appliances from the Return policy


We want you to be satisfied with your purchase from us. Before you accept delivery of your major appliance, please inspect it. If any issue exists, you may refuse delivery. Once you have accepted delivery (or if you brought the major appliance home yourself), you have 15 days to contact us regarding defects, damage or other issues. Please do not contact the store. Please call 1-800-304-1259 between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. CT, 7 days a week.



***Please keep in mind that I am not employed by Best Buy and are just a regular forums Super User and an everyday shopper like you. If you find my posting helpful, please add kudos to it. Remember to mark answered questions as solved if something helped you to speed up the answer queue for other customers***
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Wrong Item Received

On 8/23/21 I ordered an open-box excellent condition Samsung Tab S7+ Midnight Black w/ S Pen and a Samsung Bookcover Keyboard for it. Both items were supposed to arrive 8/25/21. The tablet arrived and I opened the box to find a laptop that I did not order. Order #, name, and address all matched my own, so the package must have been prepared incorrectly. The keyboard arrives today, so we'll see if it's actually a keyboard or not.

I immediately went to the BestBuy store to return the laptop, as per the return/exchange/incorrect order instructions on The customer service center there told me they could not take it back without me calling 1-888-BESTBUY first, so I did. The man on the phone told me I indeed COULD take it back to the store, or return it to a UPS store with the shipping label.

I was also informed that "Since it is an open-box item, there's limited inventory for the item, so they cannot send me it, I can only return the incorrect item." The BestBuy website still shows an open-box excellent condition S7+ available roughly 2 hours away from me.

I then talked to a live agent on This agent told me that I could return the laptop within 15 days, and they will immediately ship me the correct item today (8/26/21). I have a case ID # for this chat but am not sure how to check up on that. It's very obvious that this agent lied and I am not going to receive the tablet today as promised—there is no tracking number or confirmation email, and my original order still shows that it has been delivered.

I'm convinced that either this open-box tablet does not exist, and I was purposefully sent this laptop as a "mistake" so that I would either keep it or just return it and buy something else. Or this is a genuine mistake, in which case I am out almost $1000, and still do not have either of the actual items I ordered.

In either case, I would like help receiving the items I have paid money for. I'm a college student and I ordered this ahead of time so I could have the tablet for use in class. I am now stuck with a laptop I did not want, and no help in receiving the correct items in the foreseeable future. I'm not returning this laptop until my order is fulfilled—it is not my fault this has happened.

Lately BestBuy has not been very good when it comes to order fulfillment, this has happened before to myself and friends.

Thanks :-)