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Computer burned

I have a complaint regarding the 2009 17" Mac Book Pro that I purchased 4 years ago in 2015 for nearly $1000.00.  Since the purchase of this computer I have had problems with my computer not turning on. I have had to replace the mother board which ended up costing me $224.69 on 10/29/2018 and I had to buy a new power adapter which cost me $79.99 on 08/06/2018.  Even after purchasing the power adapter and replacing the mother board my computer will shut down at 50% and the battery percentage will automatically go to 0. After spending money on these products my computer still will not boot up and I noticed a burning smell coming from my computer.  The power adapter and my computer are both fried and it is unsafe to use especially around my 2 little kids.  I have read some reviews online and it looks like a bunch of other people have been having the same issues and it looks like this particular computer model was designed to fail.  I should not have to consistently put money into something I purchased only 4 years ago! I feel that I should get my money back that I spend on this computer from the Best Buy company along with the money that I spend on the adapter last year or be able to exchange it for something else. I spoke with Rhea in the Post Purchase Production dept on 3/27 at 1:20p looking for the number to corporate to address my complaint and she informed me to leave my feedback here and someone from corporate would respond. Rhea also notated on the account that I was looking to access an online order receipt but she could not access and receipt that is over 6 months old. I have pictures and receipts to show as well. Thank you for your concern and help with this matter!

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Re: Computer burned

Hello, Brideof0609,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums. We appreciate you joining the community. This is a great place to come to learn about the products and services offered at Best Buy, and you can interact with other customers and moderators here as well. Feel free to check out the boards in your spare time. We are happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have.


As for a response to your concern, I am sorry to have experienced issues with your MacBook Pro. Whenever electronics are not functioning as intended, it can be frustrating, and often expensive. It sounds like you’ve had the device for a few years. By chance, did you purchase any protection on the device? If you are unsure, I’d be happy to take a look for you. This would require us to verify a few pieces of information, so we can access the transaction in our system.


Please send us a private message with your full name, email address, and telephone number. If the order number is handy, please include that as well. To send the message, just click the blue box next to my name below. It is important you do not post your personal details on our main page for your security.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Computer burned- One more phote

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